• Nero

Stop the Insanity

Today marks two weeks since election day and far too many still haven’t gotten past it. Was a lot of shady shit done to ensure a Biden victory? Most likely. Was that shit illegal? In some instances probably. Will bringing this to light change the outcome? Magic Eight Ball says don’t count on it.

While the Magic Eight Ball says don't count on changing the outcome doing an eight ball is never bad idea

I am fully aware that no matter what I say we are going to keep dragging this thing out. This is because people are way too emotionally invested in who gets elected President. Which is insane because the office of the President has such little impact on people’s lives. The best thing the Founding Fathers did was set up a form of government that makes it really difficult to affect the lives of the citizens bigly.

What is really driving the anxiety on one side vs the excitation of the other is the desire to win. So many do not even know what they are really voting for vs what they are voting against other than they don’t like the people who vote one way. This of course is bat shit crazy. Regardless of what Biden says modern American politics has nothing to do with unity. It has become almost exclusively about punishing one’s opponents. The desire to punish one’s opponents while greater on the left, as seen by wanting to take away guns, force people to do things against their religious beliefs (provided they are Christian that is), or get rid of their V8 trucks as examples; it is also prevalent on the right.

When the entire purpose of government has become “punish those who oppose me” and party leaders are talking about making lists of people to blacklist things have gone too far.

Robespierre is looking up and smiling at "Build, Back, Better"

Two months ago I made my case to “Just Walk Away” and nothing that has transpired since then has made me think otherwise. We have reached that point in civilization where you have world leaders talking openly about using the Covid-19 Pandemic as an opportunity to “Build, Back, Better” which anyone who knows history will be aware that this kind of thing always ends badly.

We cannot stop the “Build, Back, Better” movement. We can surely slow it down in this country provided people don’t listen to the MAGA loonies and show up to vote in Georgia runoffs but stopping it is next to impossible. As long as there are people cheering new lockdowns over the Rona and wearing a mask has become virtue signaling on steroids the cult of Robespierre shall eventually win the day.

No, the only way to win is to not play. Live small, off the grid if possible, and just enjoy your time on this planet as far away from city life as possible. Oh and keep an eye open for the return of “Let’s Get Metaphysical” on Flappr. Until then give the debut episode a listen if you haven’t already and plan your escape to a tropical island where they serve drinks with little umbrellas in them.