"Stop Complaining, You Awful Dirtbags" Yells Elitists From Ivory Tower

Perhaps you woke assholes have subscribed to the Biden theory that some folks can't access the world wide web, but this is getting ridiculous.

When are you people going to learn that you cannot just tweet whatever you want to tweet whenever you want to tweet it? WE CAN SEE YOU.

Some of you will say to me, like my husband always does, that they don't care that they are insulting, and nothing I say is going to change that. Some others will assert as our giant Texas friend, Jesse "The Oracle" Kelly does that this is indeed their strategy, they go low and then they double down.

To be clear, I am not writing this to change their minds.

At some point in time we are all going to grow weary of this constant beat down, and we are going to want to give up.

"Why didn't you vote for who I told you to vote for, you racist, scumbag"

Full disclosure, I am already there. I used to have a really high tolerance for constant lies and gaslighting, those days are over. However I am not going to give up, and neither should you.

Let us begin with this post election day nugget:

Oh, Amy, may I call you Amy? (doesn't matter, it's better than what I want to call you) A college education doesn't mean anything unless you are an actual doctor, not a Jill Biden Doctor, but a person who has gone to medical school and can actually do something of value - like save someone's life.

There are millions of people who have college degrees that are expensive and yet utterly worthless at the same time. I have a degree in journalism, its a pricey piece of paper that qualified me to ask people if they want fries with that for most of my life.

It is almost as useless as a degree in political science, or women's studies, or art history.

In the real world none of these mean anything. The fact that you think they do is precisely why you cannot relate to people who don't have one. You declare that women without a degree disgust you and then wonder why you cannot connect with or influence them.

In the same tweet!

I'm having trouble deciding if you have a giant set of brass cogliones or you are completely oobatz.

The great unwashed disgust me! Why can't I connect with them?

Amy, Amy, Amy, if you had a snowball's chance in hell of connecting with white women who live in the real world, degreed or otherwise, that chance is gone now. WE SAW THE TWEET. We do not want to connect with you and if you think by insulting us you can influence us then you are nothing more than a playground bully.

Also in the same tweet, non-college white women are racist and they hate progress. Actually Amy, what women in general hate is elitist academic suckwads who want to interpret the constitution on our behalf because our pea brains can't possible handle that level of complicated knowledge. You know, like the Catholic church does with the Bible.

I said what I said.

We hate that the public schools paid for with our tax money that we earn at our dirty low class jobs, want to turn our children into a generation of soft, crybaby, apologist sheep so hopped up on Adderall, soy milk and plant meat, that they can be manipulated by the likes of you.

College women, non college women, white, non white, the one thing we have in common is that we do not want to be told how to live our lives or how to raise our children. This tone deaf nonsense of yours is like swatting at a bear while wearing pork chop drawers.

Speaking of pork chops, our favorite greasy potato weighed in (weighed a lot I bet, the tubby bastard!) on everyone's favorite topic of late, the supply chain. As usual he came no where near hitting the nail on the head.

Yes, Mr. potato head, you got us, your local grocery has plenty of milk in the coolers.

Ours doesn't. What is available has doubled in price. DOUBLED.

The demand exceeds supply and nothing has price utility anymore. Some weeks I have to go to three stores to get what I need. More gas, higher prices. I have blown my grocery budget and we aren't even halfway through the month.

I know it does not matter to a person like yourself what groceries cost, because you get paid an exorbitant sum of money to be a dildo with ears on network news. The rest of us can't parley being fat and stupid into a career, if that was possible my ex would be a squillionaire.

So we have to work. And those dollars we earn aren't going very far these days.

You and yours are openly, hatefully, mocking us.

You think its all a joke, this is your chance to stuff someone in a locker, maybe the cool kids are patting you on the back for the first time ever, but just like it was in high school those cool kids are using you. You aren't just a TOOL you're a TOOL.

You may not be able to see yourselves, BUT WE SEE YOU.