Special Election Success for Garcia, Tiffany, GOP

What a fantastic night for the Grand Old Party in Special Elections.

Mike Garcia CA-25

In 2018, the Democratic Party cheered Katie Hill as she defeated Steve Knight during a “blue wave” election night. The CA-25 seat had been a Democrat pickup after being a Republican held seat since redistricting for the 1992 elections. Nancy Pelosi acted as a mentor to Katie Hill before her resignation over a relationship with a subordinate staffer.

Christy Smith announced her campaign bid almost immediately after Hill’s resignation in October 2019 along with Cenk Uygur of the The Young Turks.

Christy Smith became a controversial leader in the community when a previous campaign sent a mailer purposely editing the skin tone of her opponent.

Dante Acosta, Smith’s opponent in 2016 and 2018. A mailer sent by the Smith campaign to voters

As the Smith and Gracia campaigns heated up, the global coronavirus pandemic locked down much of the United States as candidates looked to new methods to campaign. Christy Smith

came into negative controversy again when she attacked Mike Garcia’s military service.

While the Democratic Party and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee prepared themselves to lose yesterday, no one was expecting a double digit lead from Mike Garcia. Currently, Garcia holds a 12 point lead over Christy Smith as ballots are still being counted. This gives hope to the California Republican Party going into November while showing a more diverse GOP can win.

The results were not, however, without their controversy, as Christy Smith refused to concede until earlier this afternoon:

Mike Garcia and Christy Smith will face each other again in November.

Tom Tiffany WI-07

photo from riverstown.net
Tom Tiffany, Congressman Elect, WI-07

When Rep. Sean Duffy resigned on September 23, 2019 due his unborn daughter‘s health, Tom Tiffany, a member of the Wisconsin State Senate, announced his run for Duffy’s seat in Wisconsin's 7th congressional district. After defeating Jason Church in a January primary, Tiffany went on to defeat Tricia Zunker yesterday.

Tiffany went 16 points above Zunker. Trump won the district by 20 points in 2016 outrunning Mitt Romney’s previous 51%-48% win.

Melissa Melendez CA-SD-28

California Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez defeated Elizabeth Romero of Riverside County’s Board of Education. She will be succeeding Jeff Stone, who resign to join the Trump Administration. Melendez, a Navy veteran, beat Romero 55.9%-44.1%.

Races to Watch

California‘s 48th Congressional district

Harley Rouda (D - incumbent) and Michelle Steel (R)

California’s 39th Congressional district

Gil Cisneros (D - incumbent) and Young Kim (R)