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Flappr's 2020 Song of the Year Award

Back in August, renowned ghetto sexual assault extraordinaire Cardi-B dropped a track with someone named Megan Thee Stallion called WAP. WAP - short for Wet-Ass Pussy - is truly one of the worst songs ever produced and reflects the total degradation of our culture. It did however, give spawn to an all time great cover version. Yes, I am of course referring to Ben Shapiro's instant classic 'Wet A$$ P-Word' - Flappr's unanimous pick for 2020 Song of the Year.

Ben's original rendition gave rise to a cultural phenomenon and numerous remixes dropped in response:

Avowed cult leader Nero (who much like great cult leaders before him - Koresh, Manson, Jones - is also a musician himself) took NPR to task for their lack of recognition of the real top song of the year. Defund NPR, by the way.

The great one - Comfortably Smug - of course knew the truth instantly...

Then the people cried out for even more Shapiro WAP content - like a Kidz Bop version and a remix featuring the voluptuous Abby Shapiro. We can only hope 2021 delivers.

Let us all give Mr. Shapiro a big hand for his first ever Flappr Award and for revolutionizing the music industry in the midst of the greatest pandemic in a century. As a final tribute to this masterpiece, something we once thought was only possible in Goon Squad member LeRoy's deepest darkest fantasies...


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