Some People Never Learn

Most right leaning Nullifier Libertarians like yours truly have a complicated opinion on pornography.

It’s clearly unhealthy for men, does irreparable harm to women as well, is in no way dignified for anybody, and only makes expectations on the part of both men and women less realistic. That being said, there’s no actual good legislative reason to outlaw it, and so it exists in that nether-realm of “I don’t exactly approve of it but as long as it’s not forced upon society at large there’s not much I can do other than try to win hearts and minds.”

With that in mind, you’d think there’d be room to find common ground with Katie Hill in regards to her crusade against what is being dubbed as “revenge porn” by the media coverage.

You would be wrong.

Katie Hill has learned how to do a lot of things, including but certainly not limited to: winning congressional seats, turning unethical behavior into a class of victimhood, turning your firing for unethical behavior into a book deal.

What Katie Hill has not learned--it would appear--is to not take naked pictures of one’s self. This lesson seems to be self-evident, and yet week after week nobody seems to have learned this simple lesson.

There are no nude photos of your dear columnist. This is not just because nobody wants them, but because the existence of nude photos puts one at a distinct disadvantage. Anyone who possesses them can hold said photos over the head of the pictured forever.

Is someone spreading naked pictures out of spite a jerk move? Sure, but ultimately you--not a Peeping Tom--took them of your own volition. You--again, not someone else looking to cause harm to you--then freely relinquished possession of them.

If you dislike scary answers, cease asking scary questions.

If you dislike being burned, cease touching hot stoves.

If you dislike naked pictures of yourself floating around, cease taking them.