So, Now What?

Yes, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States today.

Yes, Joe Biden is President of the United States.

Yes, if you're American, Joe Biden is your President.

No, there is no amount of crying that will change that fact.

So, now what?

I don't really know - probably not much good for America, if I had to guess. But that's probably because I don't subscribe to what 'Ol Joe is selling. I still hope America thrives, but my first impressions of the Biden administration are that it's more performative policy than things that will help every day Americans with their every day problems.

Biden has already started peeling back many things that I think were positives under the Trump administration. For example, he's reportedly going to cancel the license for the Keystone XL pipeline - which is very dumb and shows that he's already cowing to the environmentalist left. We all want to live, we all want to planet to not melt, or whatever, but canceling this pipeline is just symbolic virtue signaling that "we're doing something" and will come at the cost American jobs. The world, let alone America, is not ready to run itself on "renewable energy". We still need oil. Period, end of sentence. So yeah, that's dumb.

Biden is also halting construction on our southern border wall. Why? Because again, we have to pretend like we can continue to allow unfettered and unauthorized immigration into this country and that "walls don't work".

So yeah, that's dumb too.

One thing that I can promise you is that our media will continue to be biased, terrible and do their best to gas light all of us into oblivion. What makes me say that, you ask? Well, let's take a look at some of their fine work today:

And this was just a smattering of some of the . . . .blegh.

I know some of you are still feeling very raw about the election and may still question the outcome. I do not believe there was mass voter fraud, I have not seen any evidence that voting machines changed vote totals. No, if there was any election interference - it came from people in the media and it came in the form of refusing to cover the candidates equally. Donald Trump certainly made this easier for them (given his innate desire to draw attention to himself at all times), but the media purposefully avoided asking Joe Biden difficult questions and/or refused to get answers to questions with the same vigor that they did with Donald Trump. Do you know if Joe Biden supports court packing? Do you know if Joe Biden supports nuking the filibuster? Do you know if Joe Biden knew anything about Hunter Biden's laptop? No, you don't because the media didn't REALLY ask him those questions, because the media didn't want you to know the answers. In fact, some of them even reported on how they didn't report on the laptop story:

Ever wonder how many people never learned what the "laptop story" was all about? Or wonder how many people would've maybe changed their minds if they knew more about Joe Biden's own questionable relationship with the truth? We will never know because the media wanted to control what the American people learned about Joe Biden. Why? Because they didn't trust you with that information and Orange Man had to go.

That's not journalism, that's advocacy.

So the media is going to treat Biden with kid gloves. They are going to try and ignore anything negative. They are going to try to explain away and/or "contextualize" all of the things that Biden does or says that are complete "malarkey". You can be their fact checkers. You can show your normie friends how biased they are. You can search for things that they said in the past and use it to contrast what they're saying now. If your normie friends read the New York Times or WaPo, then use New York Times or WaPo stories to point out inconsistencies in how the Trump and Biden administrations are being covered. If they watch CNN, show them old clips from CNN where they were PRAISING Michael Avenatti or criticizing Melania Trump for wearing the wrong shoes. If they listen to NPR, then . . . . well just stop being friends with them all together.

Still, I believe that using the corporate media to prove the corporate media's own shortcomings might be the single most effective thing you can do to help your own cause. Help them wake up by using the very sources of media that they believe to be "fair and balanced" as evidence of how crooked they really are. You don't have to be aggressive, you don't have to be rude, you can just give them the data and let them start thinking for themselves. The same thing that the media has been refused to do back in October.

It matters that these people have control over valve of information. It matters that they are not held accountable. It matters because you want your normie friends to hold your same level of skepticism in 2022 and 2024 when the corporate media goes after your preferred candidate.

So . . . what now? I am going to cheer for America to succeed, because America is all we have left and America is all that matters. I will continue to fight the good fight for things that matter to me. I will continue to advocate against things I think will do harm to my family, my community and my country.

I suggest you do the same.

Happy Wednesday and God Bless America.