So, it's A toy aisle?

This week Still-the-Governor Gavin Newsome declared that all major retailers must have a gender-neutral toy aisle in their stores.

I've got to be honest, I'm not sure how this is different than just "Toy Aisle." I'm hoping someone can explain this to me.

From the article above:

"Assemblyman Evan Low, a Democrat from San Jose, authored the bill this year. He said he was inspired by the 10-year-old girl daughter of one of his staffers, who asked her mom why certain items in the store were “off limits” to her because she was a girl."

I don't understand where this child got the notion that anything in the store was off limits to her based on any criteria whatsoever. Believe me young lady, retailers are going to sell you whatever you want to buy. Basic economics, my friends, this is America, if you have the money, you can purchase it. The only time things are off limits to you is when your Mom or Dad says no. That's not a gender problem, that's a "I'm here for toilet paper you aren't getting anything today" problem.

Are stores in California posting "gender checkers" at the end of the aisles? I'm sure they aren't because after all the looting videos I have been seeing, it looks like stores don't give a fuck about security at all.

I think if people are just stealing shit from you on the regular, perhaps California Lawmakers have bigger fish to fry than the musings of a ten year old girl. Why don't we address the actual illegal stuff instead of making more stuff illegal? I bet I know. If they place these regulations, its just one more revenue stream for the government. They will have to hire people to consult on the plan to make things gender neutral. They've created jobs! Yay!

Then they will have to hire people to police the compliance with said plan. (More Jobs!!) Then those folks will issue citations if even one My Little Pony is out of place. Citations equal fines and, you see where I'm going with this...revenue stream. A revenue stream wholly invented and thrust upon the good people of California by a Governor who doesn't give a rat's ass about the good people of California.

Make no mistake folks, if the people in charge (who I will remind you again, WORK FOR YOU,) do not care about the fact that people shit in the streets of their cities, that small businesses have suffered because of dictatorial lockdowns, that retailers have had to modify their business plans because they cannot keep their employees and merchandise safe from riotous looters, there is a reason they don't care.

That reason, as always, is money. They are running out of it.

Why are they running out of it? Because people are shitting in the streets and nobody with any sense wants to visit there anymore. Because the huge money pipeline of small businesses are no longer generating taxes for them to collect, because Governor Newsom locked them down.

Because big box retailers can't keep merchandise on the shelves or employees in the stores as a result of unchecked thievery and villainous ignorance.

Don't forget though, this nothingburger of an issue is made up of Beyond Sausage. I have been to many "toy aisles" in my life, as a child, as a parent, as an Auntie, and quite frankly its always been gender neutral. I just go pick out what I want, whatever interests me.

When I was a kid, a hundred years ago, I played with Barbie. I also played with Tonka Trucks. My Barbies climbed in and out of a Tonka Ford Bronco Dukes of Hazard Style through the windows. I played cops and robbers with real cap guns, and had Castle Greyskull marathons with my brothers and all of the He-Man guys. On any given day I rode my bright green bike with the Daisy patterned banana seat around the yard with Optimus Prime in the flowered basket.

I had a plastic toy shopping cart and I used to put a doll hat on my little brother and push him around the family room in it, pretending I was at Pick N Pay.

As a child, I wanted both the chemistry set and the makeup kit. (and I got both) I wanted to play dress up with a plastic tiara and jump out of the bushes and scare my brothers with the laser gun. My choices from the "Toy Aisle" were always gender neutral, we all played with all the toys. Our choices were limited only by our parents' budget and our salesmanship skills while we were at the mall.

To the children everywhere who are concerned that something is off limits to you based on your gender, may I suggest this, go to the book section of the store and get yourself a copy of the 10x Rule. Read it. Learn to persuade your parents to let you go to more than one aisle, and be efficient, don't dick around too long in the Barbies area that you miss scoping out the He-Man guys.

Time kills deals kids, learn to negotiate quickly and nobody will have to worry about gender neutral anything. This is a skill that will not only serve you now, but later in life.

What will this new "gender neutral toy aisle" look like? I think this probably sums it up:

This is their plan.

Boring. Blank. Inoffensive. Non-controversial. Compliant. Conforming.

Everything a Toy Aisle should be.