Snitches Get the Finger

This year I am most thankful for the leadership of our Governors, keeping America safe from the Rona, with some solid science based decision making.

Ok, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I will preface this by saying we never do a big thing for thanksgiving, but even our small gathering was made smaller by Governor Wolf and that health director dude, and Mike De-Whine, of Footloose (the state formerly known as Ohio) Half our family in Pennsyltucky had to stay put, and we couldn't go there. The Footloose half also stayed put, because what's the point of anything anymore? The only place anyone can go now is work, if you even still have a job, that is.

Wolf apparently had no idea what the night before Thanksgiving is all about. Thanksgiving Eve is when you run into all your old high school friends and drink your faces off. Super easy to issue this edict from the Governors mansion in wherever the fuck the capital of Pennsylvania is, I'd like to see the Guvnah come on out to Erie and tell them that to their faces.

But wait, there's more!

Did that jackass health director guy tell you this was a good idea Wolf? This will stop the Rona dead in its tracks! Oh and wear a mask indoors in your own house! Are you fucking kidding me, bro? Even in private residences? GFY.

Then there's this jackass:

The Rona is only contagious during fun hours of the day, making sure we go nowhere other than work. We are already in the Gulag. The Footloose Gulag. Be home before 10 and no dancing! That's scientific AF.

Its like the two of them are having a contest to determine who is the bigger douchebag. Right now my money is on De-Whine (incidentally, I beg of you my fellow Footloosians, do not vote for this bag of dicks again) He makes Kasich look sensible and competent.

Of course this isn't unique to my location, all of them are in on it, including the Emmy winning Gramma Slayer Cuomo.

And the leader of Methagon, where heroin is good and family is bad. She would like you to ignore actual crimes and call the mostly defunded Fuzz if you see people having dinner.

Which brings me to our current situation, where America looks like a nation of Rat Finks. Tattle Tales. SNITCHES.

After these various edicts started making news in the days previous to Turkey day, I just knew this year's Thanksgiving would be a shit show of woke ass bitches virtue signaling via tweets and twats or calling the FBI on families gathering to get their yearly dose of tryptophan and pumpkin flavored desserts. The interwebs never let me down. Big shots and unknowns alike reminding us all that daddy government has our best interests at heart.

And then we have people actively reporting, or threatening to report their neighbors:

Two questions: why do you know so much about where your neighbors kids go to school? that's creepy. Why are you stopping to count cars in your neighbor's driveways? The fact that you know that much about them is cause for concern. If I saw you on my street, I'd be dialing 911, pervert.

But this America. America never disappoints me either. Here are just a few of the folks extending a great big old red white and blue middle finger to the Thanksgiving Lockdown:

This gal, who I love, has a "zero fucks given" message for the California Governor.

A little holiday message for the Gramma Slayer:

A "peaceful protest" since parties aren't allowed:

And a straight up lockdown protest in Chi-Town, where my man is serving up a side of truth with the Thanksgiving freedom.

All of you SJW's and "maskdebaters" and virtue signalers out there please for the love of all that is holy take your heads out of your asses. If you're gonna get the Rona, its gonna happen no matter how careful you are.

Don't suspend your life, and more importantly don't demand that I suspend mine.

PSA: At some point in time your snitchy self righteous behavior is going to be aimed at the wrong person and that will get you a lot more than just the finger, it'll probably cause you to catch hands.