Sit Back, Relax, and Let the Left Destroy Itself

Sometimes it seems like if the left hasn’t won then they are at least getting close to the finish line while we’re powerless to stop it. It can feel like it’s everywhere we look. It’s pushed by Hollywood in the tv shows and movies we watch. We read about the insanity that happens on college campuses as young students are indoctrinated to be ashamed of America. We see this sort of message begin filtering down to our children’s grade schools as woke students graduate from university and then begin teaching our children. We see everyday the extreme bias from most of the mainstream media as they run cover for the left and Democrats. We know the tech giants are against us as they ban conservatives or censor you from posting a link to a New York Post story about Hunter Biden but lefties on the platform can post insane conspiracy nonsense without repercussion.

So what can we do to stop it? The answer is simple. Nothing.

Before going down a doom spiral I don’t mean that the left is going to win and there’s no stopping them. I mean that to beat them we just need to sit back and do nothing. As Napoleon Bonaparte said - “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” That is exactly what the left is currently doing.

1. Expansion of charter schools and homeschooling

There has been explosive growth in public charter schools and homeschooling since the mid-1990’s. When I was a kid nobody homeschooled or if they did it’s because they were a little bit weird. In the 1980’s it was actually illegal in most states and it didn’t become legal nationwide until 1993. The exact number of homeschooled students is hard to track because most states don’t collect the information but according to a nationwide study conducted every four years by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES last conducted the survey in 2016) there are 1,689,726 homeschooled students. That's 3.3 percent of all students. Both of my sisters are conservatives and they homeschool their children. They don’t want woke nonsense infecting their children’s heads.

Of course, homeschooling requires at least one parent to be home and this isn’t always an option which is why sometimes private or charter schools are a better option. According to 2017 data from NCES there are 5,719,990 students that attend private schools. That’s roughly 6 percent of all students. Of those, about 75 percent of those students attend private religious schools with the largest majority to Catholic affiliated schools.

Charter schools have seen large growth over the past 20 years. The percentage of all students who attended public charter schools increased from 1 to 6 percent between fall 2000 and fall 2017. The value of charter schools can really be seen in poor, urban settings where the local public schools are not run well. Charter schools also don’t have to follow the curriculum by the state education board so any woke brainwashing can be avoided.

All total - that’s 15 percent of children not in the public school system and this number will most likely continue to grow as the woke dogma continues to expand in our primary and secondary schools. In the 2016 NCES survey the top three reasons for homeschooling or moving to a charter school were:

  1. A concern about the environment at the public school

  2. A dissatisfaction with academic instruction

  3. A desire to provide moral instruction

2. The declines of the universities

American universities after a long stint of growth are showing signs of pullback and that’s happening for many reasons. Costs have risen exponentially over the years as administration staff (not professors) has expanded, dorms with amenities like pools and balconies, and food courts with almost any type of food that ranges from sushi to burgers to Italian are now the standard. This has all pushed costs up while the salary you can earn with certain college degrees has not gone up that much which makes it clear the return of investment from a degree isn’t always worth it. What value is there in spending $150,000 on a college degree when someone like a teacher is going to start at $35,000 and will most likely never make a large amount of money. That student loan is just a weight around your neck for the rest of your life.

Besides cost, the other reason is the universities have lost some popularity as the woke hivemind scolds have taken over. Evergreen State University had allowed a day of absence for minority students to remind people of their contributions until 2017 when they flipped the script and said white people should stay off campus. A liberal biology professor named Bret Weinstein didn’t agree with this and was labeled a white supremacist and was actually assaulted by student protesters. It made national news and attendance at the school has dropped by roughly half. The school’s emergency fund has dropped from 10 million to 3 million dollars. There is speculation it could go under in the next few years. We’ll see if they recover or not.

The other factor is certain careers like welding or being an electrician will pay you more than your political science or gender studies degree and trade schools have been increasing enrollment. There are coding academies that get you career ready in two years for much less cost and with a higher earning potential. Combining high costs, low return on investment, and a rising far left takeover that repels half the country is not a winning combination for the future. Obviously, universities will not disappear but many of the smaller and middle tier schools will have to streamline costs while reining in the far left if they want to survive going forward.

3. Hollywood collapse

We knew years in advance that Hollywood was going to face a reckoning one day. In 2019 the number of tickets sold decreased to levels not seen since 1995. A toxic combination of scandal, bland movies, unoriginal reboots and franchise relaunches, sanctimonious award speeches, movies full of woke propaganda, and the rise of streaming services were all indicators all was not going to be well for Hollywood.

The biggest problem for the entertainment industry is the soulless, bland, and uninteresting writers that infect the industry and they’re the reason we have movies that cram in woke narratives. The problem with woke narratives is they don’t allow you to write engaging characters when there’s only one way that your character can act. If your character is a woman she absolutely must be strong and fierce. That on its own is fine but humans are complicated. Life is complicated. You can’t write good characters when you have to make them one dimensional. Remember in the original Star Wars how Luke’s outfits changed in each film? In the original, he wears white. In the second film he wears gray. In the final film, he wears a black tunic. It was symbolism for his training, his becoming more powerful, and his upcoming test with the dark side as he knew he would eventually have to fight his own father. Did anything like that happen in the latest Star Wars films? No! Rey’s character arc over all three movies was just awful. Star Wars is dead. Rey was trained (finally) by Leia, not Luke. Most of what she did she did on her own. Because you absolutely cannot have a man telling a woman what to do. Ugh.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal also shocked everybody when we all found out that it was just a well-known secret that he was a serial abuser and basically everyone just pretended like it was ok. Oh, and Matt Lauer. Oh, and Kevin Spacey. Oh, and… you know I could just keep listing names but we’d be here all day. Then half the country had to listen to these assholes as they lectured us from their award shows which killed those, too, because basically no one watches them anymore. Entertainment isn’t going to go away but this version of it certainly is as the industry undergoes a slow motion collapse.

4. Sports collapse

The NBA went in real hard for BLM this year by putting “End Racism” and “Black Lives Matter” on the court. LeBron James would spout off about “We are scared as black people”. News flash – LeBron James is not terrified. He’s just enjoying the attention while making himself feel morally superior while he still rakes in millions. Game 1 of the finals between the Lakers and the Heat set a record low of 7.4 million viewers. Game 2 was even worse with 6.6 million. Game 3 had 5.94 million which is a new low not seen since ratings were recorded in 1984. A Harris poll showed the push to add politics was the reason for the low viewing numbers with 38 percent saying the league was too political. The NFL tried adding politics in the first few games and their ratings collapsed, too. To their credit, they’ve ended that and their ratings are back up.

5. The coming collapse of the mainstream media

The media landscape has undergone a titanic shift over the years. Gone are the days of 3 major TV broadcasts, your local newspaper, and perhaps one or two magazines that arrived at your home. Today we are saturated with new publications. I mean – I’m laughing about it because I’m part of the problem writing for Flappr. Anyone can be a “writer” or a “journalist” today. Thankfully, I have no economic incentive to get clicks or views which also means I have no reason to write something outrageous to get your attention. The media has figured out that the best way to get clicks and views is through rage and stoking division. You can only make someone rage for so long before they go insane or simply realize they have to put it down or become so numb to it that it doesn’t do anything anymore.

As more and more news companies come out they’re in fierce competition with each other. This is not sustainable in the long run. I check this updated list of media closings regularly and it was updated today. This pattern of media companies being absorbed into other media companies is common to see. Think Progress disappeared and some of the journalists like Ian Millhiser became part of The market is saturated. Which leads to the other reason the collapse will eventually arrive – the media is only being driven by Trump at this point. There is not one day on CNN, Washington Post, or the New York Times that there isn’t a story on Trump. If this is their bread and butter now – what do they think is going to happen once he’s gone?

Although it seems as if the left has a firm grip on the institutions that they’ve subverted in reality nothing could be further from the truth. They are destroying everything they touch from the inside out. “Get woke, go broke” isn’t just something conservatives say to sound pithy - it’s what actually happens and we are watching it play out in real time now. And doing nothing right now doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be prepared for when we should act. We need to start thinking about how we can fix our cultural institutions once they are on life support and then we need to think about how we can regain control so that the far left can never get a stranglehold on them again.