Shaun King Thinks Depictions of 'White Jesus' Are Racist Propaganda; Says 'Tear Them Down'

If you thought it was going to stop with the tearing down of Confederate statues, you were wrong.

If you thought it was going to stop with the tearing down of Grant, Jefferson or Washington, you were wrong.

Nope, now they're coming for Jesus (that actually sounds like the title of a really, really inappropriate film that John Hickenlooper might take his mom to go see). That's right, today, Shaun King, a man who is DEFINITELY AFRICAN AMERICAN, suggested to his 1.1 million followers that images of white Jesus we're a form of white supremacy and to "tear them down." :

So we're now in full-on, desecrate the churches phase of this radicalization movement. Seems like things are really de-escalating here. I mean, I didn't even know that Denmark existed back in the year 0. . . pretty sure it didn't.

Look, I don't know what Jesus looked like, he probably didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes, but Shaun King certainly doesn't know what Jesus looked like either. There are churches throughout this country and the world that have depictions of Jesus with all different skin tones. This is not white supremacy, this is people assigning characteristics to their savior that they deem relevant.

These are probably all wrong, but nobody REALLY cares.

I can't recall (doesn't mean it hasn't happened) people calling for the taking down of "darker skinned" depictions of Jesus, but that doesn't matter to this mob, so whatever, right?

Look, if we're going to go down the "tear down the churches" road, this is going to get realllllly fucking nasty, really fucking fast. This type of statement by King seems to be targeted more at ginning up hate (and promotion for himself as the wokest of the woke) than solving any historic injustice. Maybe we're doing a disservice by sharing his nonsense, but hopefully this is ONE time where everyone can collectively say . . . "too much, too far, no-way, asshole."

Thankfully, most of Twitter seems to be on the same page here, lampooning King (who is definitely NOT portraying himself as a man of a different race, no way, no how) for his truly awful take:

Well said.

I guess if there is one thing we can all take some comfort in, is that radicals like Shaun King are FIRMLY isolated to the fringe of the Democrat Party and are NOT being mainstreamed in ANY WAY. . .

Oh. . . nevermind. Good luck out there baby Jesus, we're praying for you!


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