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A Plea to A&E

I don't have a cable TV subscription. If I want to watch something bad enough, I'm happy to purchase a used dvd set. It has no commercials, becomes exponentially cheaper over time, protects me from the episodes being censored or memory-holed later on, and doesn't help feed our hegemonic media corporations, or at least does less so.

I don't ask for a lot when it comes to this either. I don't need fancy boxes, or lots of actor/writer/director commentary. I don't need flashy extras, or some kind of deluxe box set with artwork and inserts and all that razzmatazz. I literally just ask for discs with shows on them, preferably with a case to keep the discs in for protection.

That brings me to A&E Home Entertainment. A&E Home Entertainment is the distributor for home video of shows controlled by A&E, History Channel, Lifetime, Crime and Investigation, and Vice. This makes them part of both Hearst and Disney. This is an absurd amount of content they control.

My issue isn't that they own the content--private ownership is fantastic and a great way to encourage freedom and grow wealth in the nation--it's that they don't do anything with it, and the networks don't make it available.

I can't get a set of "City Confidential" which was the only crime show really worth watching.

I can't get "Mysteries of the Bible" a fabulous show about ancient biblical mysteries and their archaeological connections, narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

I can't get a set of History's Mysteries.

I can't get a copy of "Christmas Unwrapped" which used to be available on YouTube until A&E Home Entertainment filed a copyright claim, and then proceeded to never release it anywhere.

Screw you, A&E Home Entertainment. Stop making me scour the earth for these things. Just let me give you money for your product.

Why do you have to be this way? Why must you be so awful? Why must you deprive me of joy?

I tell you what. Contact me. Get me some of these. It'll be a good story. You'll get press from HuffPo or something. Normies will buy dvds of Pawn Stars, or whatever it is you normally put out.


Come on, Buds.


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