• KyCocaineBear

Rules For Thee But Not For Me

Democrat politicians aren’t afraid of covid but they want you to be scared. They want to close your business or close the small businesses that you visit. They want to keep your children at home doing distance learning. They want you to not gather with family for holidays. They want you scared and they want you afraid. However, none of these rules apply to them. Their children continue to attend private schools that are still open. They continue to visit their hairdresser or salon while you can’t. They continue to have nice meals at restaurants while you can only do take out. Let’s run through a list of these absolutely despicable and despotic clowns.

1. Gina Raimondo – Democrat Governor of Rhode Island

I’m starting with her only because she’s the most recent Dem to get caught. She issued an edict on November 30th declaring a “partial” shut down for Rhode Island. Among the list of businesses shut down were bars and bar areas in restaurants. A server took a picture of her on December 11th having a glass of wine at a restaurant. This was just a few days after one of her top aides tested positive for the virus. Rules for thee but not for me.

2. Nancy Pelosi – Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives

Ol’ Nancy likes the high life with her expensive ice cream and it doesn’t end there. She also likes fancy salons and it doesn’t matter to her if there is a shutdown. This insufferable bag of wind got caught walking through the salon on the security system with no mask on even though the state had closed salons. She even had the nerve to blame the salon owner claiming she had been “set up”. Rules for thee but not for me.

3. Gavin Newsom – Democrat Governor of California

Newsom is a particular kind of disgusting. His companies received almost 3 million dollars in covid relief loans. He’s also passed some incredibly strict shutdown rules for California. While most schools were closed he sent his children back to class at their private school. After pushing rules against group gatherings he was then caught gathering with friends at the chic restaurant The French Laundry. Rules for thee but not for me.

4. Eric Garcetti – Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles

Although Garcetti has not directly broken his own rules that I know of he’s still an absolute hypocrite. Garcetti ruled (make no mistake – this is him making up his own rules as he goes) that it was acceptable for movie shoots to have on set meals while normal restaurants had to be closed. If you haven’t seen the video of the restaurant owner on the verge of tears as she shows the movie shoot eating area while she has to remain shut you can watch that here. This is why we have laws and elect people to represent us rather than letting a person decide the rules themselves because this is the outcome you’ll always get. The rich and well-connected will invariably get special treatment while you will most certainly will not.

5. Andrew Cuomo – Democrat Governor of New York

This loathsome idiot said in an interview “That’s what this Thanksgiving should be about. Thank you, nurse. Thank you, doctor. Thank you, essential worker. I’m not going to create any issue for you… so that you have to put your life in danger. Be alone physically. Be connected spiritually.” Then in the same interview he said his elderly mother and his two children would be visiting him for Thanksgiving. He ended up canceling those plans but honestly – this man is as smart as his brother, Fredo. You have to be alone but it’s ok for him to have family visit. Rules for thee but not for me.

6. London Breed – Democrat Mayor of San Francisco

The mayor had her own dinner at the French Laundry literally the day after Governor Newsom did. Then, three days after the meal at French Laundry she banned indoor dining in San Francisco. Like all Democrat politicians do she said she didn’t break local laws because the restaurant is in Napa. That’s beside the point – she broke state laws that more than three households can’t dine together. Rules for thee but not for me.

7. Lori Lightfoot – Democrat Mayor of Chicago

Lori Lightfoot was caught getting a haircut while every other salon was shut down. With typical Democrat hypocrisy she said “I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye. I’m a person who takes their personal hygiene very seriously.” Rules for thee but not for me.

8. Muriel Bowser – Democrat Mayor of Washington D.C.

Depsite travel restrictions the DC mayor decided to travel to Delaware to celebrate a Joe Biden win. Delaware was designated by DC as a high risk area and it was mandated that you quarantine when you arrive back in DC. Only “essential travel” was exempt from this rule. True to form, she did not quarantine because (to her) it was “essential travel”. Rules for thee but not for me.

9. Michael Hancock – Democrat Mayor of Denver

Check out this golden tweet -

He actually tweeted that from the airport as he was waiting for a flight to Houston to visit his family. No joke. Rules for thee but not for me.

10. Steve Adler – Democrat Mayor of Austin

This guy posted a facebook video asking people to not travel… from a beach resort in Cabo. Rules for thee but not for me.

11. Sam Liccardo – Democrat Mayor of San Jose

California had a rule that no more than three households could gather together. He got caught having Thanksgiving with five households. To his credit, he actually apologized unlike most of these Democrats. Still, you know what’s coming. Rules for thee but not for me.

12. John Bel Edwards – Democrat Governor of Louisiana

The good governor was was recently caught maskless at a private country club. He defended himself by saying it was just a “brief moment” where he didn’t have it on. Rules for thee but not for me.

13. Sharon Meieran – Democrat County Commissioner for Multnomah, Oregon

She got caught traveling to Hawaii while covid cases surged in Oregon while she tweeted this out -

These people disgust me. Rules for thee but not me.

14. Wendy Carrillo – Democrat California Assemblywomen

I wouldn’t single this women out as others were also on the trip but she went after Nero’s girl Governor Kristi Noem in this tweet -

Only problem is she was at a "conference" in Hawaii. It’s ok for her to travel but Governor Noem is risking people’s lives by bird hunting. Rules for thee but not for me.

15. Shelia Kuehl – Democrat Los Angeles County Supervisor

After voting to close indoor dining she then went for a last meal at her favorite restaurant. The sheer gall of these people. Rules for thee but not for me.

How stupid do you have to be to keep voting for these people? How absolutely ignorant and tame do you have to be to keep obeying these people? I hate these politicians and I feel bad for Democrats that think this is acceptable. What more do they have to be shown before they quit