Following with my pattern of recapping each night of both conventions, I watched the RNC last night.

You can read my thoughts on RNC Night One here and DNC nights one - two - three and four there, there, there and there.

Like I did last night, I'm going to run through five notable moments from the evening (certainly not the only five, but the five that struck me most):

1. Melania looked amazing, delivered a very nice speech and stole the show.

Before we start, a brief interlude of Melania's finest fits over the past three years:

Our First Lady is stunning and has a fantastic sense of style. If her husband was ANYONE other than Donald Trump, all we'd hear about is how she's basically Jackie Kennedy x 1 billion from an adoring media. She IS married to Donald Trump, so she never gets her just due. NOT HERE, NOT AT FLAPPR! WE deal only in facts - sort of.

And, Melania didn't disappoint last night either:

On to her speech, which she read live, in the Rose Garden - it was nice. The speech was very enjoyable, down to earth and compassionate to the men and women enduring hardship throughout this country because of the unrest and the virus that came from China. The First Lady does not appear to LOVE public speaking, but she nevertheless stood up on that podium and gave an impassioned argument for why her husband should be President for the next four years. Relationship goals.

I thought this passage was especially powerful:

I recognize the stories I just told about people who survive extraordinary circumstances. But Donald and I are also inspired by the millions of Americans who wake up each day with a simple yet courageous goal of providing for their families and keeping them safe. You are the backbone of this country. You are the people who continue to make the united states of America what it is, and who have the incredible responsibility of preparing our future generations to leave everything even better than they found it.
Just as you are fighting for your families, my husband, our family, and the people in this administration are here fighting for you.

FLOTUS also tried to help show America a different side of Donald Trump, a side that the media doesn't allow us to see - a side that Donald Trump himself seems pretty reluctant to show:

TFW you watchin your fly-ass girl give a nice speech and you realize the third time was a charm.

She gave a very very nice speech, a 100% appropriate FLOTUS convention speech. I am sure the bluechecks on twitter must have give her at least SOME credit, right?:

JFC, Bette Midler! What crypt did you climb out of?

Illegal Alien? Really? That's fucked up, Libs call them undocumented or something now.

Who knew the "Wind Beneath My Wings" lady was such a malignant cun... Anyways, it didn't stop there, you had the hilariously unfunny Kathy Griffin weigh in with a little help from an actual White House Correspondent:

Yes, this Brian Karem critter is an actual member of the White House Correspondents club tweet this about the First Lady. Classy, and remember - journalists never take a side.

So, all in all - she did great, she must have - since the bluechecks we're so big mad. You can watch her entire speech here and judge for yourself:

2. The GOP Farm System is loaded with young, diverse and exciting prospects and Daniel Cameron is one of the best.

One thing I noticed about the DNC is howi old and exposed all their speakers were. I don't really recall any speakers during the DNC where I thought "oh, he/she is going to be President some day". I mean, who runs in 2024? Kamala? Booker? Buttigieg? AOC (OH GOD NO!)? We've seen them all before, we know they're all different shades of the same turd.

The RNC, through two nights, HAS showed its depth. On night one it was Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Kimberly Klacik, Matt Gaetz and Sean Parnell and last night we got a glimpse of a couple of other promising candidates: Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron.

I'd like to focus on the latter, but first a comment on the former. I like Mike Pompeo, I think he's done an admirable job as Secretary of State during a fairly chaotic administration, I think he's done some legitimately amazing work in the middle east. I think he's got a good personality - but that was NOT on display last night - he did not do a great job of reading his speech via a recorded video from Jerusalem. If you want to run in 2024 - better up your game, Mr. Secretary

With respect to Cameron, he is the first African American to be elected as the Attorney General of Kentucky, and I think he put himself on the map last night. Watch AG Cameron drag Biden here:


*ahem* sorry, the moment got the best of me - but I think Cameron presents a promising future for the party. A man who can stand on the stage, look America in the eye and say "I am NOT YOUR VICTIM".

America needs more Daniel Cameron. I hope we see alot of him in the upcoming years.

3. Rand Paul is still a good dude with a wild look.

Speaking of Kentucky, Rand Paul, Senator from the Bluegrass State, spoke last night. I have a soft spot for Rand Paul. Maybe it's because he got beaten up by some insane Libs who hate republicans, maybe it's because he actually fights for small government, maybe it's because we need some kooky Libertarians to keep around and entertain us.

That latter is what he did last night - I think he was given prime RNC time to reach out to Libertarians and assure them that Donald Trump was the ONLY option for their cause this November:

I can dig it, Rand.

I still cannot, however, ever forget one of the BEST moments from the 2016 GOP Debates:

"I never attacked him on his look, and believe me there is plenty of subject matter right there"

I still think about that moment and laugh, sometimes and must take funhouse style photos of Rand whenever I see him speak on TV:

4. Nick Sandmann provided a sobering reminder.

Remember Nick Sandmann? The Covington Catholic high school student, who went to the March for Life in DC, bought a MAGA hat and stood there while some native american "elder" banged a drum in his face? The Nick Sandmann that was targeted and attacked by the media for being a white, MAGA-hat wearing, male? The Nick Sandmann who sued the media and has won settlements from WaPO and CNN?

The Nick Sandmann who has that SMUG ENTITLED. . . SMILE?!?

The Face of LITERAL evil.

Well, Nick Sandmann spoke at the RNC last night and gave voters a sobering reminder of how the media loves NARRATIVES, not FACTS and that if you're a prime target (see; white, male, non-lib), they will try and crush you, ruin your life and cast you as a villain worthy of excommunication. Exaggeration you say? Let's take a look at some of the heinous shit they said about this kid:

US Senator, Chief Full of Bull

Deleted Tweet from (former, then Current) CNN Contributor

Deleted tweet from alleged brother-marrying congresswoman

Deleted tweet from CNN "Conservative" contributor, lol.

I never wanted to be sitting here, writing this blog, getting political. Then I had a son, then Brett Kavanaugh happened, then Nick Sandmann happened. Is Brett Kavanaugh a good man? I don't know, but they sure didn't present any ACTUAL evidence that he did what they accused him of. Is Nick Sandmann a good kid? I don't know, but he certainly DIDN'T DO ANYTHING BUT STAND THERE AND SMILE WHILE AN OLD MAN BANGED A DRUM IN HIS FACE! I'm sure the Libs will call this "white grievance politics" or whatever, but I call it - I don't want my son to grow up and be hated for his immutable characteristics I don't want him to be Nick Sandmann'd. There was a time when Libs agreed with that principle.

Last night, Nick himself acquitted himself well for an 18 year old giving a speech to millions of people as he delivered his account of that fateful day in January 2019:

Nick, ended his remarks with THIS pretty epic mic drop (music added by yours truly):

Well done, son. Keep your nose clean, don't tweet dumb shit, stay in school - they still hate you.

5. Donald did well, again.

As I did yesterday, I am going to keep this part short as the Donald is set to deliver his big address on Thursday and this post is already way too long.

Trump appeared a few times throughout the night and did some cool stuff:

The first time, he met with and gave a full pardon to Jon Ponder, who served a 5-year prison sentence for bank robbery and went on to found a non-for-profit to help rehabilitate former inmates:

I thought this was REALLY good and powerful. An example to the rest of America that America and Americans have forgiveness at our core and that hard work and dedication to making a positive impact on society is not something we should ignore.

The other memorable Trump moment was later on in the broadcast, when Trump appeared with acting Department of Homeland Security Wolf and participating in a naturalization ceremony for five immigrants who are now fully naturalized citizens of the United States:

This is good! We want immigrants to come to our country, despite what others might say. This is a good illustration of doing it the RIGHT way, through the legal process - which, yes, takes longer and is more painful. Trump maybe should do something about that? Maybe a more efficient and effective system of bringing in immigrants that want to be here and contribute to society. Is that possible? Maybe Trump should look into that, it would be bigly good.

So yeah, Trump was good. He was measured. He was relatable. He mentioned China Virus only one time by my count (SAD!). Most importantly, Trump didn't suck all of oxygen out of the room last night. He let others make the case for him. He didn't give the media NEW ammunition to take attention away from the convention and those who spoke beautifully on his behalf.

See you tomorrow for night three of the RNC.

P.S. - Barry Simon, the only person I think who actually reads my stuff, if you got to the end of this post - throw me a shout out!