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Rick Wilson Puts Pineapple on Pizza

Because it’s 2020 and nothing at all matters Domino’s Pizza has found itself in the middle of a political minefield. How did Domino’s find itself in this predicament you may ask and you would be justifiable in doing as such. Well to make a completely idiotic story short Rick Wilson is how. You see the human equivalent of shriveled testicles dug up an old tweet in which Domino’s replied to lovely and talented Kayleigh McEnany in regards to her enjoyment of Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s wasn’t having any of it though and sent Wilson to his room without dinner like a good parent would

Of course Twitter had a lot to say about this

In moment of seriousness though it was very upsetting to discover that Eric “Otter” Stratton had become an Omega.

Dean Wormer must be proud

This is where society has led us. Political discourse has devolved to trying to cancel businesses who won’t turn their backs on half the country, usually the half that makes up their patrons, because of politics. In this instance it was a response to a customer compliment eight years ago. But these people are super cereal. I used to joke about gulags and a committee of public safety coming from the left but I am no longer sure I can say it is a joke.

Civilization was a mistake and there is really only one thing we can do to correct it.

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