REPORT: Trump to Pick Amy Coney Barrett to Replace RBG

We told you earlier today that the leading contender to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one Amy Coney Barrett. Well, just now Bloomberg has reported that Donald Trump plans to nominate Barrett to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

According to Bloomberg:

Donald Trump is moving toward nominating Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, according to people familiar with the matter, despite the president saying Monday he’s considering as many as five candidates. . . . [S]he’s preferred by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, according to people close to him. And her supporters have pointed out to the White House that as a Midwestern Catholic, Barrett may help the president secure votes for his re-election in vital Rust Belt and Great Lakes states where he currently trails Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

This story coincides with reports from Journos who saw Amy Coney Barrett at the White House today:

On its face, this feels like a no brainer. Amy Coney Barrett is a former Notre Dame law professor and has served on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals since 2018. She is qualified and she is exactly who you want Democrats to attack if they want to try and deny her place on the court.

In fact, they've already attacked her for being a catholic during her confirmation hearing back in 2018:

Now, we will see if they want to play these types of games again and risk alienating women throughout the country by calling THIS woman an awful, Christ-loving, demon. Basically what they did to Brett Kavanaugh.

They might or they might not, but according to Bloomberg, we will get a chance to find out.

Onto the memes, because it's Monday and we all need a laugh.

From @smubpublius on twitter (and a flappr contributor).