Psaki Says Biden's Preference is "Not to Get Rid of the Filibuster"

So there has been a ton of momentum behind ending the legislative filibuster in the Senate. The primary reason Democrats want to eliminate the filibuster is because they know that the filibuster, and the 60 vote threshold it provides, stands in the way of getting their progressive / Marxist agenda passed through congress and enacted into law.

Barack Obama was one of the first people to get the ball rolling on this movement back in July of 2020, when, while eulogizing John Lewis, he called the filibuster a "jim crow relic":

In fact, the filibuster is SO RACISMY that, last fall, these same Democrats used this "jim crow relic" to prohibit debate on Tim Scott's (R-SC) police reform bill. For those of you that have not yet become familiar with him yet, this is Tim Scott:

Go watch his RNC speech, it was awesome.

He's a very fine and up and coming superstar in the Republican Party, who also happens to be black. Weird double standard, huh?


In reality, in present time, the filibuster exists as a tool to ensure that the majority party in the Senate (currently the Democrats via Kamala Harris as VP) cannot rule the entire country by simple majority. It forces the parties to work together on bills, or in the absence of sixty votes, such bills do not proceed for final vote. Doesn't sound particularly racismy to me.

For a more detailed and impassioned defense of the filibuster, I'd like to enlist a former Senator from Delaware:

Thanks, Joe! Well said!

Is this a big deal? Well, if Democrats are successful in eliminating the filibuster, then they will only need 50 votes in the Senate to pass The Green New Deal, a wealth tax, gun control, court packing, or their new, extremely partisan, election law bill.

So yeah, it's a big deal.

And the only thing standing in the way of them enacting this plan is that West Virginia Democrat, Joe Manchin, has stated numerous times that he will not support such a measure.


Fast forward to today, and in what may be the single decent thing Joe Biden has done as president, Jen Psaki came out and said that Biden's preference is to not get rid of the filibuster:

Hey, that's something, at least. Now, before we get ahead of ourselves - Psaki's quote there is not a steadfast "no, he doesn't want to filibuster to end" and there is nothing stopping the Senate from eliminating the filibuster even if Biden doesn't support such a move. Moreover, Biden has flip-flopped on this issue before - being against eliminating the filibuster in February of 2020 and then being open to the idea back in July of 2020.

So while I am not holding my breath that Joe will stand firm against his own party on this issue, it was still (kind of?) nice to see this statement today - even if it was given by a dim witted press secretary, since Joe doesn't give press conferences.

To you, dear readers, I ask that you keep an eye on this issue - as it's an ongoing battle that will define the future our government and your freedoms.

Happy Monday. God bless America.