Psaki: Biden "Sending a Message to the World" by Wearing Mask During World Climate Zoom Meeting

Leaders around the globe met ONLINE to discuss climate change last Friday and only ONE of them decided wear a mask during a meeting where, again, he was participating via the INTERNET.

I'll give you minute to guess which leader donned a chin diaper during the entire event. . . . Yes, you guessed correctly, it was our very own President Tapioca Brain:

What the actual fuck. What was disease was he afraid of catching on a Zoom call, a computer virus?

Seriously, there was a time when an American President was concerned about showing any weakness on the national or international stage. Hell, even FDR didn't want anyone to know he was suffering paralytic illness:

In 2021, our nominal President believes that wearing a mask is somehow "sending a message to the world" according to Press Secretary Jen Pączki:

What message is Biden sending to the world here? Biden was vaccinated and was sitting in front of a camera, probably in a room with other people who were vaccinated. So is he trying to signal that vaccines don't work? Or that he doesn't "trust the science"?

No matter what message that Biden was intending to send, only one came through to anyone watching: America's President is some combination of weak, woke and/or stupid.

Let's be honest - it's probably all three and the world is already well aware.

Happy Monday, God Bless America.