PSA: A Quick Guide on Ratio'ing under new Twitter Rules

This cannot stand

I know what you're thinking, Twitter is finished. Well, if there's one thing we've learned over time it's that in spite of Twitter attempting to destroy it's product, it keeps trucking along. So, maybe we should learn to adjust to this new reality and overcome it? Below is a short PSA on how we can continue to swarm Godless degenerate libs on Twitter, even if they try to stop us:

1) Quote tweet or screenshot the original tweet that you can't reply to.

2) Make sure to @ the original tweeter in your quote tweet

3) Voila, now all replies to you are going to the original tweeter as if they were being replied to.

NOTE: be careful with quote tweets using this method. If people catch on here they may block people who quote tweet reflexively. Screenshots might be a safer method.

Additionally, Twitter appears to have undermined this new feature with the implementation of another new feature, namely the one that displays quoted replies in regular retweets. In order to access them and participate in the discourse, follow the below steps.

1) Go to the tweet and click the retweet number as shown below

2) Now all quoted replies are displayed in a new feed-style view. Here you can then reply to, like and/or retweet to your heart's content, as you would for normal replies to a tweet.

And there you have it. Twitter might not like it, but it's a land of wolves and wolves always find a way to get their prey.