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Progress Report On The Chinese Revolution GTBT? (Part Two)

First things first, watch the video:

Yes, we're working on The Chinese Revolution, Good Thing, Bad Thing? (Part Two). Yes, we planned to have it ready for release sometime in January.

No, it doesn't appear that we're going to meet that goal.

While we're not sure why we felt like we owed an explanation for the delay (we produce these on our own coin, they're difficult to make, take tons of time and we receive no money in return), we do feel an obligation to keep you in the loop.

We have grown a little bit since we started the channel and we are unbelievably grateful to our very small, but devoted, group of milker sommeliers and history aficionados. We want to grow this little enterprise and we want it to grow with you, the viewer, feeling like you were a part of something special, before it got big and sold out the globalist machine.

We view this relationship as a special one, where you excitedly share our videos to your friends and family because you believe that you have found something entertaining and undiscovered by the masses.

We want you to love the videos as much as we do.

We want to hear your ideas on what topics to cover and your thoughts on how we can find new audiences. Please DM us on Twitter, suggest a person or place that might enjoy the videos and become a catalyst for getting our work signal boosted to a bigger audience.

We want to invite you into our process in making them. Unfortunately, that process has been delayed, beset by the holidays and then a regrettable bout with the flu.

Fear not, we will return to production shortly and until then, you do have entire catalog of our videos to entertain yourself with.

In fact, why not give them another watch? Why not share them with a friend on Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram (not TikTok, though - we don't need the CCP poking around our work on the Chinese Revolution). Why not post a link to one of works in the comment section of your second favorite blog (with Flappr being your most favoritest, obviously)?

All of that helps us grow, extend beyond our current bubble and find new friends to bring along on this Quixotic journey together.

Here's a helpful menagerie of some of our best work:


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