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Prison Mitch’s Meme Yard Vol. 2

This past week was a week chocked full of meme material for the artists of Twitter to mold into the finest material for your eyes. We had the Republican National Convention, ”Fiery but mostly peaceful“ chyrons, NBA taking a day of wokeness and a sprinkle of Jerry Falwell Jr.

First off are the fiery yet peaceful memes. @smugpulis gave us this gem showing how CNN probably would have covered the first battle of the Civil War. Look at those smoldering fortress walls and the graceful cannon bombardments, so peaceful. This scene reminds me of a lazy day on a beach with a cold beer and a book.

Our next fiery meme comes from @HOLYSMKES. Here he captures the peaceful explosion and death of the Ewok race as told by CNN. If you look closely, its almost as if the moon is smiling, letting us no that is it okay with it's final disposition and that the Empire did nothing wrong.

Disclaimer: No Ewoks were harmed in the making of this meme.

In our next meme, the dread meme pirate @Nellie_0hr takes a trip down memory lane. For those of us who don't have dementia, the DNC added some sizzle to their convention with a musical rendition of "Something Happening Here" as performed by Billy Porter. Nellie used this inspiration to tell the story of an aging man, who slowly but surely slips in to the final stages of eating pudding and rattling off the names of non-existent grandchildren. Outstanding work Nellie!

Back on the list this week is @Richard_Harambe. Here the doc captures the spirit of the menage a tweet with a beautiful ode to Jerry Falwell Jr.'s cuck life. So find a corner chair, sit back, put on your cozy pants and enjoy someone else making a meme from a distance.

Our next meme comes from @MBrassenstein, a mysterious artist who just recently showed up on the radar. Here, Mrs. Brassenstein captures King Beoden, ruler of the riders of Wokehan, making a strategic military decision to embracing all in order to service the greater good of Middle Earth. This truly is one meme to rule them all.

Shortly after the RNC, the wonderful meme machine that are protesters decided it would be wise to line up in the streets with poster board signs. Little did they know, meme teams across the globe were hard at work scrubbing these signs, and sending out the true meaning of the message. In this meme, @ProofBlog tells us who really wears the pants in the Biden family, or at least what is under those pants. Depends on who you ask but, but in my humble opinion this was one of the best memes to come out of this series. Also, editors note, I did one of these and let me tell you, finding phrases to fit exactly in the boards isn't easy, bonus points here to Mike!

Our final meme comes from @DavarEachad. This account is critically under followed in my opinion. In this meme, Davar shows us what true sacrifice entails. King James, having to decide how woke he can afford to be, continues to serve on the Xi All-Star team and ignore the the plight of the Uighurs in China. This meme is powerful, simple and beautiful all at the same time. Davar makes outstanding memes and if you have a moment it a follow, you will not regret it!


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