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Prison Mitch's Meme Yard Vol. 1

Welcome to the first (maybe the last) installment of the memes of the week, brought to you by your good friends at Flappr.

When asked to join this team and write up a weekly review of the best memes I originally pushed it off. Time is precious and I didn't think I would have enough of it to do this and create content for the Twitters. After a relentless onslaught of DMs and me realizing there were a lot of great memes that are underappreciated out there I finally caved. The other reason I chose to do it is because the one thing I enjoy most is a good laugh, and you all provide me with them constantly. So I wanted to carve out a moment of my time to thank all the hardworking meme geniuses out there. There are entirely too many to many to fit in one segment and I promise to get to you all at one some point.

Our first winner of this week in the category of "Shit that made Mitch laugh out loud" award goes to Cox. We all know that the former 2 time loser in the presidential sweepstakes has worms in his brain and is more than one fry short of a Happy Meal. Coxbibi was able to capture Joe's spiral into dementia perfectly with a hybrid of Abe Simpson and Biden being Biden. We all know that art imitates life, so we are months, maybe days, from this becoming a reality. We may in fact already be there but not even know it due to advances in hologram technology. Phenomenal work!

Dr. Richard Harambe, a world renowned surgeon in memes, continued our journey in USPS conspiracies this week with this gem of a meme. Prison Mitch will tell you straight up, that occasionally someone creates a meme so good, so sweet and so simple that he feels the need to lock himself in solitary for not thinking of it first. This is one of those memes. There is a perfect balance of Epstein Island's "music room" and USPS blue boxes being drawn to it like moths to a flame. I see this meme and think to myself,"Where are they going? What happens to them inside? Why would the democrats do this?". Outstanding work!

Continuing the theme of Biden is losing his marbles is this seriously underrated one by Cardi Mark. We all have questions that we need answered, "Where's Hunter, Fat?", "Am I black if Joe says I ain't?", and "How many grandchildren do you have Joe?". Cardi was able to capture the last one perfectly with a Who Wants to be a Millionaire themed Creepy Joe meme. My bet is the answer starts with, "C'mon man", and ends with "D: Malarkey". Kudos.

Last thing I want to say is that Twitter was robbed of a true legend this week, @KBrassenstein. Twitter has been on an all out Jihad and against conservative meme content creators. One cannot help but speculate as to the timing correlating with the the absolute tragedy that was the Democratic National Convention.

Good night sweet prince of memes, you were taken too soon. We know you are in meme heaven smiling down upon us. May you one day rise like Branson Taylor from the ashes into @KBrassenstein74.

- PM


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