Pollsters or Narrative Pushers?

I’m predicting the midterm elections next year are going to be some of the biggest surprises yet for both the people that conduct polls and those that think they are reliable. Polling is utterly and completely broken. They simply don’t reflect reality anymore and the glaring fracture is obvious for all to see. All you have to do is look at different polls they produce to realize that something is extremely wrong.

Let’s start with a recent poll from the Annenberg Public Policy Center, asking if Americans trust our national health institutions such as the CDC and do Americans in particular trust Anthony Fauci? The poll found 76% were somewhat or very confidant in the CDC, 77% trusted news released about the Covid vaccine, and 68% percent trusted Anthony Fauci. Are these results remotely believable?

If 3 out of 4 people have so much trust in the CDC, Fauci, and the vaccine then please explain to me why outside of the deep blue West Coast and Northeast have only 5 out of 10 people received the vaccine? It’s not even that much better in the West Coast and Northeast where the percentage is still in the low 60s. I’m suppose to believe a poll that says 8 out of 10 trust the vaccine when vaccination rates are so low? If this poll is true, why are politicians having to threaten people to get the vaccine?

Here’s another poll that claimed 2020 set the record for negative emotions. Not just in the U.S. All over the world. The poll didn’t mention the word “Trump” once but I can prove that’s what they meant you to infer with another poll showing that Americans in 2021 are the most optimistic that they’ve been in a decade.

Oh? What changed, I wonder?

You see – in 2020, Trump was so bad the whole world had a case of the sads but with the Orange Man Bad out of office the whole country is singing kumbaya and looking forward to the future now. Thank you, Joe Biden.

We can also use that last poll on American optimism to bust another one of their fake polls. This Gallup poll on Black-White relations shows that they are at their lowest point in two decades:

Do you really expect me to believe that Americans are more optimistic about the direction of the country in ten years but that they also think race relations are at their lowest in two decades? You’ve got to be mind-numbingly stupid to accept that premise. If the idiots at these polling places actually coordinated together they might be able to be believable but instead you get polls that could never be true at the same time.

I live in a city where 1 out of 3 residents is Black. There’s a ton of mixed race couples and mixed race babies. There are Black people at Costco and Home Depot. At the barbershop. At the restaurants and bars that me and my Lib wife go to.

The other day, an older Black woman asked if I would help lift something out of her cart that was heavy and I was happy to help. We hold doors for each other. We ask each other politely if a seat at the bar is free. I interact with Black, Brown, Turquoise, Purple, Pink and White people everyday and that poll simply does not match my reality in the slightest.

Which leads me to my first problem with the polls and how they could fix them – start polling a wider range of Americans and specifically Americans that lean right. I think it’s fairly clear from these polls that they’re being answered overwhelmingly by city dwelling, coastal, college educated, white, New Left shit-libs. Of course they think race relations is a problem when they live in a gentrified neighborhood where minorities don’t live anymore. They’re over the moon that Trump is out of office and they’re optimistic about the future. And yes, 2020 was one of the worst years for them as the corporate media slowly drove them insane with propaganda.

You’d think the pollsters would want to fix these issues but after doing a deep dive on why the 2020 election polls were so wrong their answer was to throw their hands in the air and say “Oh, it’s impossible to determine the reason.” I’m not kidding. They literally have no idea why the polls are so bad after nine months of the leading association of pollsters studying the issue. These people are awful at their jobs.

Maybe they actually don’t want to fix the polls. Maybe rather than doing their jobs properly to accurately predict outcomes they’d rather push narratives. Maybe rather than people’s opinions shaping polls they prefer using polls to shape people’s opinions. Because that is what it looks like to me when I look at these outrageous results that just don’t match objective reality.

The polls are going to be really off next year. They will all lean in one direction. And there will yet again be confused pollsters the day after, shrugging their shoulders, wondering how it all went wrong again.