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Please, Do Not Give These People Power

In December of 2019, Kamala Harris suspended one of the all time worst campaigns in history.

How bad was it? Despite appearing on the ballot in the first few states, she still managed to get fewer votes than the official @Flappr_ twitter account has followers, 844 to be precise. Despite being a sitting senator from the Democrat powerhouse, and checking the trendy boxes of being a woman and a minority, she managed to gain less support than the following candidates: Joe Sestak.

Julian Castro.

Steve Bullock.

John Delaney.

Pete Buttigieg.

Tulsi Gabbard.

Deval Patrick.

Michael Bloomberg.

Tom Steyer.

Andrew Yang.

Marianne Williamson.

Those last four aren’t even politicians. One of them (Williamson) was literally referred to as “orb lady” and had Republicans and Independents not only laughing at her, but openly donating money to her so she could be on the debate stage again. (I gave a buck.) She got more support than Kamala Harris.

One of them, Gabbard, is blatantly more appealing to bitter libertarians like me than she is to Democrats. Seriously, I'd very much be open to voting Tulsi; she got more support than Kamala too.

If you look at Kamala Harris’ profile, it’s not hard to see why. She’s got no home.

She’s not the establishment’s top choice. Sure, they like her more than say, Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren, but if left to her own devices she’s way too radical for the Democrat establishment. Like all establishments, they want power and she makes that tricky more often than not.

But the radicals hate her too. She’s everything they oppose. She’ll always be a cop. She’ll always be law enforcement. Her record in California as AG will always be considered a stain by the extreme leftist brigade.

She’s a terrible debater. In fact, her only real positive standout moment at the debates was when she got to dunk on Joe Biden for being a senile racist. The only other standout moment she had was negative. It was when Tulsi Gabbard broke her so badly that we saw Harris crying on stage.

She’s not the black appeal candidate--she’s embraced her heritage about as much as I’ve embraced mine, which is to say not at all.

She’s not the woman appeal candidate--despite being a man, that was probably Yang.

She’s not the “radical in moderate clothing” candidate either--that was Kolbuchar.

She appeals to nobody, enrages the left, and further unites the right.

And so, I have a modest proposal for my fellow humans who happen to sit on the left side of the American tennis court. A suggestion for Rose Twitter, if you will.

Join me.

The status quo is what’s best for us both right now. I do not want my taxes to go up, and I do not want activists appointed to the judiciary. You do not want to cede power back to the Democrat establishment, not when you’ve done so much to eat away at their control over you.

Both of us can further our end goals by voting against Biden. You finish eroding the establishment and can get your successor to Bernie on the ballot. I get four more years of the status quo.

Look. Trump has proven he’s not a threat to you. LGBTQ+ people haven’t been rounded up into camps. Universities closed themselves because of COVID, not Trump. Welfare still exists. Net neutrality didn’t kill us all. What do you have to lose, other than the progress you’ve made?

Defer this nonsense for four years. Build your arsenal and let us build ours. To use a tech term, America is jailbroke. Trump is the political black swan. Let him be and let him pass. We can both win by joining together now, and worrying about killing each other later when it will be more politically expedient. Fighting now does neither of us any good. I am willing to risk you dominating later, why not join me now and unite to preserve us both in the short term?

Are you so short-sighted that you want to risk mutual suicide? You’ve been stymied in one way or another since 2010, what’s one more term?

If it makes you feel better, split your ticket. Force Congress into a total deadlock. Render all government ineffective for four years. Neither of us will get what we want, but both of us will come out stronger. Heck, if it helps you sleep at night, vote straight 3rd party candidates. Just don't give Biden and Harris any power. They're the exact establishment you've fought to get rid of since 2006. They're establishment that two bait and switch campaigns with Obama. We both want them gone, why not put aside our differences? There will be plenty of time to war with each other in 2024.

Consider it. Join me. And may we reunite under Tulsi Gabbard or Rand Paul next election.

h/t @midnightmitch for the cover image.


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