Photos Emerge of Bill Clinton Getting Massage From Epstein Victim; Slated to Speak at DNC Tonight

Forgive me, but I am going to use ALLEGEDLY over and over again during this post.

It was just a meme! I swear!

Why? Well because: a) I don't want to get sued; b) I don't want to go to jail; and c) I don't want to go to jail and have Hillary Clinton theoretically do me like she theoretically might have done Jeffrey Epstein.

Anyways - here is a brief synopsis

of the story from the Daily Mail . The story DOES NOT allege that Bill Clinton did anything specifically CRIMINAL here - just that, ALLEGEDLY, he was on the plane with Epstein during a humanitarian tour of Africa with other celebrities. During the tour, while in an airport in Portugal, Bill Clinton ALLEGEDLY opined that he had a stiff neck (lol, good one). Ghislane Maxwell then ALLEGEDLY suggested that, Chauntae Davies, who was 22 years old at the time, give Clinton a massage. This ALLEGEDY prompted Clinton to ALLEGEDLY ask Davis: 'would you mind giving it a crack?'

Davis says she consented to the request and that she ALLEGEDLY started to rub out the kink in Clinton's 'neck and shoulder.' The story goes on to say that Davis SAYS that she innocently asked Clinton to get on his knees because she didn't have a good angle to perform the massage (lololololol).

MOST IMPORTANTLY - Davis, who alleges that Epstein raped her several times, explicitly says that: "'Although the image looks bizarre, President Clinton was a perfect gentleman during the trip and I saw absolutely no foul play involving him."

I suggest you read the entire article from the DailyMail (here) and make your own determinations.

So given that this specific woman is not claiming that Bill Clinton did anything untoward against her, the only thing I want to not here is that. . . Bill Clinton is slated to speak at the DNC tonight.

Given that we're in this #metoo era of holding degenerate men accountable for their misdeeds - surely the DNC will scrap Clinton's appearance tonight. . .right?

Oh, actually . . . they're just going to ignore this whole thing. Nevermind.

Tara Reade? Who is that?


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