Pelosi Busted Getting Blowout at Locked Down Salon

In a surprise to absolutely nobody, Crazy Nancy is back at her Antoinettian ways. On Monday, Speaker Pelosi managed to put down her vodka martini long enough to have herself a nice little spa day. Only one problem...the salon she went to is currently shuttered due to California/San Francisco COVID lock down restrictions. And the owner is PISSED!

PS - Where is the mask Nancy???

Is there a more out of touch politician in American life right now than Nancy Pelosi? I really cannot think of one. It was only a few months ago that she had her infamous "Let Them Eat Ice Cream" moment - showing off her $24,000 refrigerator busting at the brim with dozens of $13 pints of ice cream while simultaneously bragging about blocking the coronavirus economic relief package.

Its just really great to see Nancy enjoying herself though. It would appear she has time for just three things these days - ice cream, spa excursions, and partisan hearings about mailbox conspiracy theories. Something she STILL does not have time for? Providing the American People much needed economic relief. You know, like this San Francisco salon owner who was forced to shut her doors because of the Chinese Virus.

Without fail, the meme factories fired into gear with gems like this...

And this from Flappr Editor-in-Chief, Elder Bartleby...

But perhaps no tweet summed up the feelings of women across this great country quite like this one from Minion fashion icon Kaitlin...

Please also note that Flappr immediately issued an official fact check to ensure the record was set straight in a world filled with fake news. The verdict is Nancy Pelosi is a drunk miserable hypocrite with loose dentures. In the interest of transparency, I may have editorialized there a little bit but was any of it really incorrect?

Of course and without fail, the Democrat propagandists in the media circled the wagons to defend Pelosi. The most absurd of the bunch is this POLITCO hack who apparently is not familiar with the concept of security cameras and had the audacity to try to make Nancy the victim. Thankfully this lib activist masquerading as a "journalist" got her ass ratio'd into oblivion.

This really is a playbook as old as time though, isn't it? The anointed class does not have to play by the rules. This has been the case forever. These are our intellectual and moral betters you see, so why should they have to act in accordance with the rules of the peasantry? These people think everyone last one of us are fools. And is it really any surprise when they have a corrupt media apparatus at their disposal to cover up for them and also are never made to pay any price?

Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done but you cannot vote in person. Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done but don't you dare open that business you spent your whole life building. Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done with no mask on but you have to wear one to walk your dog. Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done but your child must not go to school. Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done but you cannot say good bye one last time to a loved one. As the great Tucker Carlson noted on Tuesday night - "A blowout for me, but not for thee."

The obvious, and civilized answer (we live in a society after all) is simply to stop giving these people even more power when all they do is sit back, get rich, and spit directly into our faces. But there really is a strange bit of irony in the fact that there are currently riotous Leftist radicals trying to carry out a Reign of Terror across this country while we have our very own Marie Antoinette completely oblivious to it all. But don't worry Madame Speaker, everybody's favorite President will never let anything bad happen because (no thanks to you) the best is yet to come.