OPINION: The Importance of Being A Societal Flying Wallenda

In 1922 a family of circus performers formed a group called The Great Wallendas. They were tightrope walkers, and would later be known as The Flying Wallendas, a name coined by the press in the 1940's. In their long and successful career they have tightrope walked (even bicycled) over Times Square, between Chicago skyscrapers, over the Grand Canyon, and Niagra Falls.

They remain to this day a perfect example of balance. Their lives (to borrow an over used term) literally depend on balance.

Can it be that the life of a political party, or any large group of people, depends on balance?

first and foremost, before we get into this, I’d like to preface this by saying I have no issues with satire and zero issues with bringing up the issue of the economical consequences of continuing the shutdown. I am for opening up. Ok.

In the recent months we as a country have been introduced to a short, fiery doctor by the name Anthony Fauci. Due to this Chinese virus and the severity of its infectiousness, he has been put on Trump's Coronavirus Task Force. This has subjected him to the wildest of attacks from the left/media

But also from the Right

Now believe me, I don't believe Terrence K. Williams to be a thermometer for the entirety of the Right. But he sure does appeal to a large amount of Right leaning people as is evident by his influence on Twitter.

In his video he's referencing the exchange between Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci in Fauci's testimony before the Senate yesterday. This exchange is what concerns me.

Dr. Fauci is just that. A doctor. Not an economic expert, not the president. A doctor. He's an expert in infectious disease and the spread thereof. No, not an expert like Tim Nichols (yes, I said Tim Nichols, it got me blocked by him and I don't intend to stop now). He's a person who has dedicated his time and efforts to studying the spread of diseases. This is a real field of study and crucial to keeping the world from the horrors of things like the Black Plague.

Given his dedication he's been entrusted by President Trump with the responsibility of *assisting* in the Coronavirus response. Key word here is assisting.

I believe it's important to lay out a few widely accepted facts.

One, Coronavirus is a serious illness with a contagious level higher than most every disease we've experienced. It is a killing disease and can wreak havoc on any medical system as is evident in Italy.

Two, CDC guidelines such as social distancing and strict and thorough hygiene maintenance help massively in the stopping of this disease.

Three, due to China's dishonesty in hopes of keeping the world from seeing the horrible inadequacies of their Communist wet dream police state, they've not only unleashed an illness whose severity is covered in the first fact, but have left the world blind as far as what this disease even is. America and the rest of the world have been blindsided by this with ZERO knowledge on what this disease is, how it works, or how to fight it.

These facts are not to justify any action taken by our governing bodies. But they are crucial to know and understand if you want to form an opinion on anybody's response to this. That includes our spunk filled doctor, Fauci.

The way I look at it is in two ways, One, Fauci has been brought on to help stop this disease, starting not from page one, but on a completely separate book due to the lies pushed by China and the W.H.O. He's been given the unenviable task of trying to decipher what all were lies and what all were truths about this disease. A disease, again, with deadly ramifications.

And that brings me to my second thought. Many of the decisions I make in the course of a day truly don't matter all that much. The consequences of my decisions are usually personal and rarely affect many people. Imagine, if you will, you're living your life and all of a sudden you're placed in a position where almost every decision you make affects millions of lives. Every day you're placed in charge of life and death decisions. Take for instance the hypothetical story of the train that will kill either five 80 year old men or one 10 year old child. Now you have to make that decision every. single. moment. of every. single. day. Your room for error is nil. Oh, and you've been lied to about how fast the train is going, and just how many people could potentially die.

This is the position Fauci has been placed in.

My guess is this is why a task force was created in the first place. So much has to be balanced and decided in the room where these people meet. The containment of the spread of the virus, the proper treatment methods, the economy, how to handle the geopolitical consequences of calling out China, and the list goes on and on. And Fauci's portion of this absolute crap storm is the containment of the virus and figuring out just how deadly and contagious this thing *really* is.

It does no one any good to throw him under the bus at the first sign that he may be wrong about one aspect of containing this spread. In fact, it delegitimizes your side's arguments, because average every day Americans don't believe Fauci is a puppet of a worldwide plot to shut down the world economy. And when you start down that rabbit trail it trivializes your other positions. And right now we don't have the luxury of losing swing voters over conspiracies about a man the president we elected entrusted on a task force for the biggest crisis a president has seen since Pearl Harbor.

If you're wrong about what kind of peanut butter your significant other likes I'm sure nobody dies. If Fauci is wrong about how contagious this disease is among children attending school he has to live with millions of children's deaths on his hands. So please be a little understanding, if not for Fauci's sake then for the sake of not making your party look like a trivial bunch of loons.

On March 22, 1978, during a promotional walk in Puerto Rico, Karl Wallenda fell from the wire one hundred feet to his death. It was due to a lack of balance. Political parties can become so mired in frivolous conspiracy that they lose their balance and eventually their political currency. I mean, don't take my word for it. Just look at the past three and a half years of "Russian Collusion".

So with all due respect to those who were cheering Fauci on when he took on the media, but now are so readily willing to call him a "mad scientist" because he may not be right about 100% of this mess, I say pick up a pole and walk the tightrope and learn some balance.

And if you're mad at me for daring to challenge your thinking and wondering why I get paid by this site, in the words of Anthony Fauci

Everything I do is voluntary, please.