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Open the Country, Now.

There is, perhaps, nothing less American than a mandated face mask with an American flag print on it.

More than ever, we need to open the country now. Whether the lawmaking class is on board with it is not relevant at this juncture.

Open the schools.

Take your kids to school. Force them to open. If they won’t, drive them to your district superintendent’s house and leave them on their lawn. Schools will open the next day.

Go to religious services. Dare local law enforcement to arrest men of the cloth for preaching to their flocks.

Open your businesses. Dare civic plutocrats to fine and arrest enmasse.

Gather in parks. Dare Eric Garcietti to turn off the sun.

With sports having abandoned us for the woke--who for the record hate and do not understand sports--organize your own teams and play against other local organized teams. Keep track of winners and losers. Perhaps collect money for a trophy. Invite the public to watch, and perhaps even make snacks available.

Gather where you want, how you want, and when you want. And do so in solidarity with your neighbors, for if we continue to cower in fear, the lockdown will be never ending.

The ruling oligarchs of our former republic want this to continue because it feeds their control. Simply deny them that. We are at the point where the emperor’s nakedness can be revealed.

Big Lockdown is fighting to keep schools closed because they know if schools open and stay open, it’s game over. Because if people can go to work, and kids can go to school, everything else needs to stay open too.

These stadiums which are funded with public money? Force the athletes to take the field, or force the owners to refund the money they got in tax breaks. If the players won’t go, screw them. Athletes aren’t valuable to society anyway.

These restaurants and bars that are closed? Throw open their doors, because if it is safe for you to go work and it is safe for your kids to go to school, it is safe for you to go out in public after work and school.

Why advocate for these things? Well this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

The rules do not matter, and are patently absurd on their face. The virus is overwhelmingly virulent and deadly, so much so that we have to close schools and businesses and we have to stay six feet apart like we’re socially impaired. Then again, we can let special guests into sports events, hold funeral services for the chosen few, and mass protest in the streets. And despite these obvious missteps, hospitals seem to be fine. Mortuaries do not appear to be overwhelmed.

These ghouls have overplayed their hand. They see you as expendable labor to be worked to death for their gain. Thumb your nose at them and live your life. Take up arms if you must.

The reality of life is that people will die. In fact, death is the only activity at which humanity has a 100 percent success rate.

Accept that this will happen. Accept that you will not live forever. Who would want to live forever? Jonathan Swift wrote about this in book three of Gulliver’s Travels. Everlasting life does not mean everlasting youth. You will still be subject to decay. You are still mortal. You will meet your end, just as your loved one’s will. Normally, this is sad but okay, because people have been allowed to lead rich full lives.

Don’t let these subhuman scum that make up our dystopian nightmare of a ruling class take those away from you.


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