OnlyFans Bans "Sexually Explicit" Conduct. Good.

In 2016, the website OnlyFans was started to let people who created content to market more easily directly to their consumers.

In 2018, the website was bought by a porno magnate and pivoted more toward adult content.

In 2020, the website exploded during the COVID lockdowns.

In 2021, the website has chosen prohibit porn on their platform.

This is, more or less, financial seppuku.


To be clear on a few points before we delve into the hilarity of this:

  1. Banks and Payment Processors being able to singlehandedly regulate what one can and can't do to generate income is icky on an almost incomprehensible scale.

  2. There is no point two. LOLOLOLOL

The sex trade is a meat grinder, and the people who tell you otherwise are lying to you. For every story about some woman finding herself or building a rewarding relationship with her partner while being a sex performer, there are thousands of other stories of ruined lives and relationships of all hues being totally destroyed.

But OnlyFans is one site, and sex is everywhere. That's a hearts and minds issue.

On a more immediate level, this is great and hilarious.

You see, sex workers are a massive net drain on societies because the don't actually *do* anything. They don't produce goods or commodities, like a farmer or millwright. Their services don't provide multiple returns, like a plumber or a gardener. And they bottleneck economies because they don't necessarily keep an economy going. Even cashiers provide an economic service by ringing up my groceries.

There will be those who cry pity for the poor OnlyFans performer, but this columnist has seen no less than four stories in the last month bragging about how this or that performer makes 35k or 50k a month. Perhaps live off that.

To be sure, most performers certainly don't pull in that kind of money, an even better reason to celebrate this development. Now they might be better off economically while providing some good to the rest of us, instead of just to lonely pervs and unhappy spouses.

So here's to the swift burial of the corpse of OnlyFans, which one can only assume will resort to content more aligned with its new-non-porn brand:

This columnist will see you at (finally) fully staffed restaurant, retail store, bar, or entertainment venue soon, assuming these "performers" don't find another porn platform that will allow them to "spread" their value elsewhere.