On Religion and The Left

The Religion of Politics In the Name of the Senator, the Congressmxn and the Holy President, Awoman!

Now that Diamond Joe Biden is finally president (third or fourth try... 48 years later...), Democrats can finally be at peace!

Sleep well!

The Great Fog is Lifting!

Relief! We can all relax now that Trump is gone!

(Ok... AOC still a little angry... but what’s new)

So what do we make of this? How does one live in a land of freedom and prosperity and act like we just survived the Dark Ages? Because Politics IS the Religion of the Left. It’s what they believe in. It’s what flows through them. Like Christians, they charitably give unto others through their perpetual vicarious offense. Jesus gave his life for the Sins of others.

Libs smash Bank of America lobbies in the name of injustice! Heck, even the Pope pontificates to the alter of Leftism.

Leftists pushed away God via Science and then pushed away Science with Politics, but in the name of Science (I think?). Libs don’t believe in God, so they fill the void by believing in Politics. They belong to Politics. Like church to a Christian, Politics is their community. Trump took that from them.

Their disdain for religion does not, however, prevent The Left from using religion as a tool, when convenient and useful - like when trying to defend sending American tax dollars abroad to fund abortions in foreign nations:

See how that works? Devout Catholic, Joe Biden, couldn't be doing something bad, because he's a devout Catholic and you people like Catholics, right? It doesn't matter that even the insanely Liberal Pope says that protecting human life is "preeminent", Joe is a devout Catholic - so funding foreign abortions is OK, or something. Weird, right?

I guess this is the only real result of 4 Years of Resistance-LARPing. a spiritual release! Clouds have parted! Sleep comes easier! Trump was their Satan, but now he has been vanquished! I smite the Devil Trump and all his Republican deeds! PRAISE JOE!!! (Deep breaths...)

Now it’s time to ride the golden staircase to Mecca... until something else pisses them off.