• Philllosoraptor

Oh, Pod, No

In case you've recently awoken from a period of hibernation, you've likely missed some of the chaos engulfing Democratic placehol-- er-- Presidential candidate, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.'s (yes, that's really his middle name!) campaign in recent days.

Had you not been paying attention, there's a strong chance you missed the news that Mr. Biden has been credibly accused of sexual assault by a former staffer, Tara Reade. Or the explosive new report, declassified by Acting DNI Richard Grenell, implicating Mr. Biden in the Obama Administration's unmasking of former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn. After all, there's a reason the Biden campaign's strategy thus far has been to stash the handsy geriatric away in a fallout shelter somewhere in Delaware; they know they have the organ of the media carrying their water for them and hope if they can keep Biden off your TVs, you won't realize the man is a likely sexual predator with brain worms and an unyielding affinity for the Communist Party of China.

This all brings us to the Pod Bros, former Obama staffers and living embodiments of white privilege. One can gain valuable insight into the mind of the average Democratic voter by observing how violently their avatars react to current news. Furthermore, it's just plain delicious to witness the meltdowns as liberals come to grips with the state of their chosen warrior to defeat Drumpf in November.

It's always stunning to liberals when the media accidentally performs journalism.

Remember, the definition of hackish is to report in any manner that might negatively reflect upon Democrats. You can find that definition in Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, available here.

Tommy is very concerned with the qualifications of people working in the White House. This is why he has no problems with his partner, Jon Favreau, working in the White House with the qualifications of *checks notes* fiction writer...

I almost forgot Jon Lovett, the Ringo of the Pod Bros. No one cares about Jon Lovett so we'll move on.

Needless to say, Obama world is melting down as their former boss, and current party nominee, are increasingly dirtied up by the mud-slinging. I don't know about you, but I'm enjoying myself mightily. And I'm not the only one.