Oh No Fauci, Baby what is you doin'?

The latest Lib-land Flavor of the Week, Doctor Anthony Fauci, was tapped to throw out the opening night first pitch at the Yankees-Nationals game in Washington DC tonight. Simply put, it did not go well. It was so bad that multiple of us here at Flappr just had to share. Yikes! Oh and of course pseudo-intellectual self-avowed socialist Sean Doolittle was catching for him...nice touch.

Granted, he is nearly 80 years old, a nerd, and probably obstructed by that ridiculous mask (hey doc, everyone in the stadium has been tested and are negative!) but he straight up Baba Booey'ed this thing. For those who don't remember that infamous gem at Citi Field (home of the New York Mets)...

Unfortunately, as noted by Barstool Big Cat, this means 6 more months of coronavirus. That was probably part of Fauci's evil master plan all along.

But on the bright side, since absurd place known as Twitter is a place that exists, Dr. Fauci will never live this pitch down and the memes will surely be endless.

Everyone's favorite news organization The Babylon Bee immediately got in on the fun too. Looking forward to the fact check.

But its okay Doc, we were not expecting you to fire in an absolute seed like our boy Dubya. It wouldn't be fair for us to benchmark you against the GOAT.

If you want to see what a first pitch from a legend looks like, make sure you tune into the Yankees game on August 15 when 'your favorite president' is scheduled to fire one right down the pipe in the Bronx.

So not only is baseball back in America but we also get to make fun of what a doofus Fauci is. Turned out to be a pretty wonderful night. Oh, and the best is yet to come.