• Nero

NPR Thinks You Need to "Decolonize" Your Bookshelf

So yeah NPR, that's National Public Radio for those playing at home, sent out a tweet Saturday night telling you to get rid of books on your shelves that don't fit with what they at NPR believe you should think or experience. Because you know censoring books always is the prelude to a new and better society.

Thankfully the guardians of freedom, AKA conservative Twitter, was on the case prepared to stand up for liberty when nobody else would.

Our own Soylord, decked out in his summer fashions, pointed out that NPR's work here met with the approval of the lizards

All Andrea could do is laugh

Harold the Cat spit mad truth that reading is for libs

Stop making sense once again was making sense

NPR found out what Kathy Griffin, or Carrot Top I still can't tell them apart, already knew that the list comes for all

Even the most pious among us had no forgiveness in her heart for this

and Hezekiah offered a history lesson.

NPR had always been while left of center at least reasonable in their coverage for decades. Over the past few years though things had changed and by the time of Kavanaugh Witch Trial NPR had slipped into MSNBC and CNN territory.

Things have gotten so bad over there that I am not even sure a visit from the Sesame Street gang would do them any good. Oh well at least we still have one reliable source of information still remaining in this country.