NPR and the Cowardice of the Mainstream Media

Hear that sound? It sort of sounds like a muffled scream, echoing closer and closer. Why is it muffled? Because Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media have embarked on a historic campaign to stifle the spread of what amounts to the most damning case of political corruption in recent memory. Twitter and Facebook have placed barriers to sharing an initial report by The New York Post detailing contents of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden, CNN has outright refused to even mention the story, and other prominent members of the press have spent the past week diligently spreading the lie that all of this opposition research dropping on Biden is "Russian disinformation." You would be forgiven for not having heard anything about Joe Biden's growing evidence of corruption involving China and Ukraine.

Not to be outdone by the aforementioned parties, NPR, the PUBLICLY FUNDED and ostensibly non-partisan news organization was asked recently, by a reader, about why they haven't reported anything about Hunter Biden, his laptop, or the separate reporting upon Joe's business deals with the CCP. Their response was, simply put, stunning.

NPR first couched their response by claiming the material in the New York Post's article had not been verified (it has, now), then that the source of the information, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon was sketchy (perhaps, but not a reason to abstain from reporting on news), before finally getting to the crux of the matter: "this was ... a politically driven event..." and so it could be dismissed as "not really [a] stor[y]ies." NPR has taken it upon themselves to choose what should matter to its readers and censor things it deems have political motivation. The problem with that is, a story's newsworthiness isn't determined by the motivations of those involved in it, and furthermore, a 10 second scroll of the NPR homepage shows they have no qualms with reporting Democratic spin and political attacks as fact. This is, yet another, example of the media proactively seeking to place it's Andre The Giant-size palm on the scale of Democracy. Thankfully, most Twitter users appear to agree, and the above tweet has been ratioed into high heavens. Let's gander at some of the sentiments in the comments.

What we are witnessing by mainstream media publications in the lead up to the November 3rd Presidential Election is nothing short of an embarrassment and disservice to the voters in this country. Informing readers should be the paramount mission of the press, not ensuring a preferred candidate is elected. It's becoming harder each and every day to come to any conclusion other than the latter is the only principle by which our press is beholden to.