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Not Guilty

Earlier today, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges.

I am going to keep this brief - I've already shared my views on the case - I think it was clear from the video that was available ON THE NIGHT of the shootings that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

I don't think Kyle should've ever been charged, but the media and our toxic political culture made it impossible for the state to not pursue charges.

Kyle Rittenhouse, like almost everything in our country these days, became a proxy battle in our ongoing culture wars.

I hope Kyle Rittenhouse sues each and every media outlet and journalist that slandered him over the past year. He must make them pay for what they did and forcing them to go through discovery, a trial or forking over huge settlements is, perhaps, the only way they might think twice before doing THIS to the next Kyle Rittenhouse:

Yes, I am happy that he will not spend the rest of his life in prison for defending his life against people who sought to gravely injure or kill him. That being said, I don't think Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero for killing two people and dismembering another.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a kid with, perhaps, an overzealous hero-worship of law enforcement. I believe Kyle Rittenhouse thought he was going to Kenosha to help provide protection for a community that local police had, more or less, abandoned.

While I think his his intentions might have been objectively virtuous, I do not think Kyle Rittenhouse shouldn't have been there that night. Nobody should've been there that night, especially the people the government allowed to destroy private property in the name of "justice."

The local government created the environment for this to happen and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Now, the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse was there that night, with a rifle, does not mean that Kyle Rittenhouse did not have the right to use that rifle to defend his life.

Today a jury agreed with that and Kyle Rittenhouse will return home and try and put his life back together.

Two other people are dead and their deaths were completely avoidable if the local government had not abdicated their duty to protect the city. No matter what you think of the two men killed in this incident or what they did in the past - their deaths are a bad thing and they leave behind grieving families (also a bad thing).

This remains a tragedy, even if justice (in my opinion) prevailed.

Happy Friday, have a good weekend and God Bless America.


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