• Nero

Nobody Cares About Your Palace Intrigue

Originally I hadn’t intended to write anything today. We are going into a holiday weekend and I tend to avoid any semblance of effort going into a holiday weekend because nobody is paying attention anyway. Of course that was before the enemy of the people decided that the President was gaining too much momentum so they had better rehash a story from 2018 in an attempt to hurt him. This gave me the perfect McGuffin to illustrate the disconnect between what the intelligentsia thinks is important compared to what actual people care about.

Late last night someone named Charlotte Atler who is apparently a correspondent for Time Magazine, which is apparently still a thing, put out a fantastic tweet thread about this very subject and I encourage you to read the entire thing.

Nothing proves what she is saying more than the fact that I, someone who is way more politically engaged than anyone should be, had no idea she was a person until I saw this thread.

Minds are not going to be changed based on palace intrigue. Palace intrigue for purposes of this article is anything that doesn’t personally affect the lives of the lives of the voters. The President being uncouth isn’t going to change anyone’s mind when it comes to voting. If he said what the Atlantic article claims, which I highly doubt he did, not a single person who was going to vote for him is going to say “well now I am not”.

Give me a fucking break people. If this is what you are hanging your hopes on get ready to be disappointed. You cannot guilt people into changing their votes but using guilt as a weapon sure as hell can turn off undecideds.

At this point if you cannot see that the Speaker of House who has publicly supported measures that are keeping people from working and doing things like going to get their hair did not only getting caught violating those measures but having the gaul to blame the salon owner is a way bigger deal than something the President may have, but probably didn’t, say two years ago in France you are the problem.

You cannot claim to care about the “common man” if you don’t give a fuck about what they care about. This has always been an issue with the left but it has gotten worse as the entire Democrat platform is based around is talked about at cocktail parties in DC, NYC, and SF. The Democrats have truly become the “let them eat cake” party which doesn’t have a history of ending well.

While the Democrats are their media partners are screaming about things like the “Hatch Act” that no actual person knows or cares about President Trump is making phone calls to the Commissioner of the Big 10 trying to get Big 10 Football back. What do you think swing voters in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota care about more, the Hatch Act or seeing their favorite college teams take the field?

I used to be a solidly Democrat voter only on the rarest of occasions voting for a Republican. Now I am left with no choice to but vote solidly Republican because the Democrats are so fucking concerned with Palace Intrigue that they have no concept of what Americans actually care about.

All that said have a great Labor Day Weekend. I am planning on taking time away from Twitter so I can get the next chapter of the “Adventures of Nero” out to my adoring fans. Hope you all great drunk and make lots of enjoyably reckless choices