No, You're Trash

Something happened last week that seemed like it should have made more waves than it actually did. That something was this Doc Brown looking dude said on The View last week - calling the Constitution “kind of trash”.

Watch for yourself:

I know the media’s attention is hyper focused on Russia right now but even in my alternative news world it didn’t seem to make much news.

Honestly, that’s kind of encouraging.

Both The View and Elie Mystal are so culturally irrelevant outside of older women and suburban wine moms that this just didn’t make waves. I did some Google searches and the mainstream media barely touched it with just a couple of pieces in mostly trash outlets and even then it was just a few paragraphs about Elie doubling down against “haters”.

This doesn’t mean that people won’t become aware of it going forward, though. If you’re a Republican strategist, you’ve just been handed a wonderful clip to package with multiple other clips of Leftists saying stupid things.

When you bundle all these 5 second clips together you could run an entire two minute ad of “this is the Left, these are Democrats” that will scare the shit out of normies.

There are a great deal of people that will be highly offended by Elie’s logic here.

They will be resentful and shocked when they are told that their basic freedoms ensconced so carefully in the Constitution are “kind of trash”.

Freedom of speech is kind of trash?

Protection from unreasonable search and seizure is kind of trash?

The right to a speedy and public trial if accused of criminal acts is kind of trash?

You done messed up now.

People are able to understand that while these rights were written by “slavers” and “colonists” that they are still good things in themselves. These aren’t binary choices and this douche trying to convince people to give up their rights because the Founding Fathers weren’t perfect is frankly a fool’s mission.

In the clip, you can see even Joy Behar is confused and slightly stunned after he exposes his "truth".

These are your people now, Joy. Enjoy the bed you’ve made.

Mystal isn’t really upset that the Constitution was written by men that had slaves or colonized land. He’s upset that the document protects the broader population from submission to his and the new authoritarian Left’s views.

If he could get rid of it and just make everyone submit to him - he would. In his dream world, he’s the one that comes out on the winning team when in reality, this bag of hot air would be the first person someone that is always locked and loaded would rebel against.

Culture matters. Rights matter. Yes, there’s going to be a bloodbath in November but it’s not going to be just because of inflation, a disaster of a pullout from Afghanistan, or whatever will happen in Ukraine. It’s going to come from clips like this one that will shock people - by allowing them to hear the unfiltered truth of what these people actually believe.

"Wait, they actually DO hate America?"

It’s going to come from Mayor Eric Adams of NYC mandating masks for children 5 years and under. It’s going to come from the Left overplaying their hand. I see a lot of hot takes of “Democrats will lose because they haven’t gone far enough”.

No, idiots. You have gone too far.

I hope the bomb crater Democrats have to crawl out of on election day will cause some serious repositioning although I’m not optimistic it will.