No, Lori, Crime is NOT Down in Chicago

Despite all of it's flaws and despite my typical snark, I regret to inform you that - I still do love the City of Chicago. Chicago is a beautiful city and Chicagoans, most of them anyways, are good, decent, hardworking people.

This plus Al Capone, Michael Jordan and Deep Dish Pizza and you've got us pegged.

No, Chicagoans are not the problem with Chicago, Chicago's century long run of corrupt and incompetent political leaders are the reason why Chicago suffers.

That's why, when I see comments like this one from our mayor, it's too much to handle:

If you didn't watch the whole clip, in it, Lightfoot emphatically states that: “[c]rime is not out of control in our city. In fact, crime is on the decline. All of our major indices show a decline in crime, and our homicides and our shootings year over year are down. That’s a fact, Sir.”

Except Crime is, in fact NOT on the decline in Chicago.

An examination of crime stats provided by the Chicago Police Department and focusing solely data form 2019 and onwards (after Lightfoot took office) reveals that:

  • MURDERS are up by 1% compared to the same time in 2020, and up 35% from this time in 2019.

  • SHOOTINGS are up by 12% compared to the same in 2020 and 59% from this time in 2019.

  • CRIMINAL SEXUAL ASSAULT is up 22% from 2020, after being down 1% in 2019.

  • THEFT is up by 4% over through this time in 2020, after a period of 4 years where theft was in decline.

  • CARJACKING is up by 9% in through this time in 2020 and up 5% compared to this time in 2019.

On the positive side, robbery, aggravated robbery and burglary are all down year over year since Lightfoot took office in 2019 (with Burglary being down by over 40%). But that's NOT "a decline in crime, and our homicides and our shootings year over year are down" as Lightfoot vehemently professed. At best, that was a totally factually inaccurate statement, at worst - it was a bald faced lie to the people of Chicago.

She didn't need to lie, she didn't even need to "apologize to the victims of Chicago" (which I always think is a bogus question whenever asked by any reporter) because an apology would be meaningless to the dozens of people who are shot each weekend in Chicago, violent crime was not invented under Lightfoot, nor did she shoot or instruct anyone to shoot other Chicagoans.

No, instead of an apology, what Lightfoot owes to Chicagoans is the level honest truth about crime in her city. When things are bad, good leaders admit as much and promise they will to work to make things better.

That's the LEAST you should expect from these people, but most politicians are too scared of inconvenient truths are unwilling share that level of honesty with their constituents. And when I say "honest' I mean "truth that is not filtered through political bullshit speak". If more people heard leaders talking that way, maybe more would start to appreciate the weight of the truth and maybe more people would work towards trying to fix problems in their communities. Too bad there is always the next election to worry about.

Keep your head up, Chicago. if Lori Lightfoot fails you, you can always rely on the Rona Destroyer to save the day.

Still can't believe this was a real thing.

Happy Thursday and God Bless America.