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No, Joe Biden is NOT Transformational

Joe Biden Is Not (Nor Will He Ever Be) “Transformational”.

The corporate media is desperate to convince both themselves and what’s left of their dwindling readers / viewers that Joe Biden is somehow going to massively change this country and change it for the better.

These people believe if Biden's progressive wish list is fulfilled, people will see how great these policies are and we’ll all sing kumbayah and live happily ever after:

It simply doesn’t matter what the policy position is, either.

It’s all transformational.

Energy, healthcare, the economy, climate change, voting rights, guns, poverty, the Supreme Court, peace in the Middle East, or our dealings with China.

It’s all going to be so much better after Biden passes some more executive actions and the Democrats in the House and Senate finally pass their proposed legislation.

There’s a word for this – delusional.

The activists at the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, and their affiliated corporate media shills know that at best they have until the midterms to ram through progressive legislation. Republicans are most likely going to retake the House in 2022.

Redistricting is happening now and Republicans are going to do their best to gerrymander the Democrats out of the majority.

It shouldn’t be that difficult considering that red states like Texas and Florida will be gaining House seats while blue states like Illinois and California will lose seats due to lost population.

Plus, there’s still the possibility that Republicans retake the Senate in 2022. Say good night to any hopes of left-wing legislation passing after that.

The scope of the legislation they want to pass is so farcical that it borders on the absurd.

HR1 will federalize elections even though it’s clearly stated in the Constitution that states are to decide how they hold elections. They want to pass new gun restrictions even though there’s that pesky 2nd Amendment. Plus, gun sales have been through the roof for the past year.

Do you really think all these new gun owners are Republicans? I guarantee you there are a lot of independents and centrist Democrats buying weapons

Do they really think they can make DC a state when it’s likely prohibited by the Constitution? It’s amusing they think these acts would survive legal challenges.

That, of course, is why they want to pack the Supreme Court. They know their bills are unconstitutional – they just don’t care. Biden has passed an executive order to study “structural changes” to the court and how it operates.

The current makeup of the court is conservative even with Chief Squish John Roberts on the bench and they’ll have to change that if there’s any hope of their bills not dying a fiery death when the court rules they go against the Constitution.

Of course, because the Senate is 50/50 with VP Harris as the tie-break vote to achieve all this will also require getting rid of that pesky legislative filibuster rule that requires 60 senators to pass a bill. Both Senators Manchin of West Virginia and Sinema of Arizona have repeatedly said they are opposed to getting rid of the filibuster.

I don’t believe the Democrats have anything to offer them that would make them change their minds.

Why would they? Manchin and Sinema have power now. They have to be wooed and courted by leadership if they want either of them to sign on to something. They aren’t going to give that up.

You could also ask what makes them think they have a mandate to make all these changes? Republicans were supposed to have a bad go in the House with Democrats having a large majority – that didn’t happen. Republicans won every seat considered a toss-up. The Senate is 50/50.

The Washington Post did an analysis that if just 90,000 votes had switched the Republicans would control the House, the Senate, and the White House. The country is not united behind the Democrats.

Half of it doesn’t want anything to do with their agenda.

For all those reasons, it’s clearly bonkers to think this big agenda has some path forward. Can you imagine explaining this to someone that didn’t know how American government works (i.e. the average American)

A: “OK, first it has to pass the House. That part is easy because Dems have a 9 vote margin in the House”

B: “Ok”

A: “Then it has to pass the Senate. That requires 60 senators to vote yes (it’s called the filibuster) but right now there’s a 50/50 split so that’s not going to pass unless you get rid of that requirement or you get 10 Republicans to vote yes for the bills.”

A: “Will 10 Republicans vote for these bills?”

B: “Not a chance in hell.”

B: “Then… can Democrats get rid of the filibuster?”

A: “Yes, but that would require all 50 Democrats to vote yes and there are a couple who refuse to do it.”

B: “Oh. Well, what if they somehow got them to vote yes?”

A: “Then they could pass the laws but they’d immediately be challenged in the courts as they are pretty much blatantly unconstitutional. SCOTUS would most likely overturn them.”

B: “Oh, then they’re done, right?”

A: “Not exactly, Democrats can expand the court and put people they know would not vote against their bills on the court but that’s widely considered unpopular.”

B: “Ok. So all they have to do is convince senators that have refused to get rid of the filibuster to get rid of it or convince 10 Republicans to vote for the bills and after that then expand the Supreme Court even though a majority of Americans are against it?”

A: “Yes.”

B: “Oh, so they’re screwed?”

A: “Yes, they’re screwed.”

I don’t get what the end play is here because all they’ve done is angered the right and they’ll eventually disappoint their base when none of these laws go through.

Turnout in the midterms should be high for Republicans because they’re fired up and turnout for the Democrats should be lower due to disappointment with their leaders. Also, midterms almost always go poorly for the party that has the Presidency. In short, these big Democrat power grabs don’t have a chance.

Biden is not going to be “transformational” and after 2022 he and his party are not going to be able to push their agenda any further. I don’t believe he’ll run again in 2024 as there’s simply no way they can put him out on the campaign trail like they would need to compete with someone like Governor DeSantis or maybe even a Nikki Haley (anything is possible).

Hiding Biden in the basement only worked with Trump.

Biden is ultimately going to be remembered as a one term President that was of no real consequence no matter how badly the media wants to convince you otherwise.


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