No, a 'Dictator' Wasn't Toppled

I am not a "stop the steal'" guy. I am not a "it was Antifa" guy with respect to the Capitol riots. I am embarrassed by what happened on January 6 and condemn political violence by anyone (yes, including those tangentially aligned to my political "team").

As I've said before, I think Donald Trump suffered an extremely close loss in the electoral college. Trump was about 43,000 votes - spread across three states - away from a second term in office. Joe Biden will be sworn in as President tomorrow and Donald Trump will be home in Mar-a-lago, an ex-President and private citizen. That's how I know Donald Trump was not a dictator - dictators do not lose democratically held elections. Dictators do not leave and return to golf at their resorts in South Florida.

This is also why tweets like this one are stupid, ideologically driven, drivel:

Again, I really, really, don't like the way this presidency has ended (I know this may upset some of you, but it's my opinion and it's important for me and this website to be honest with you). I don't think that conservatives even understand the pain we are about to experience over the short term because of how this presidency ended. But I also think that we don't need to be incendiary shit birds when it comes to trying to explain what happened the past two months. I'll leave the specifics of my disgust for how this presidency ended for another day, but one thing I can say with certainty is that you did NOT topple a dictator.

No, Amy, if Trump was a dictator, you wouldn't be allowed to tweet such things on a platform that unabashedly favors your political ideology.

No, Amy, if Trump was a dictator, filling out a little circle on a ballot wouldn't have stripped him of power come tomorrow at noon.

No, Amy, if Trump was a dictator, me - a conservative writing a post about how I think Trump lost and how I disapprove of his post-election behavior - would come at the cost of my freedom.

Thankfully, I wasn't alone in my eyeroll to that tweet:


This is very, very, accurate. They really built up the fantasy the last 4 years and unfortunately, some people helped provide them with "proof" to shove in our faces.

Correct and . . . it's a problem.

We're at less than 24 hours left until Biden takes office. Buckle up, folks.

Enjoy your Tuesday and God Bless America.