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Nick Cannon Hates White People

Man. Eminem really broke this dude.

For those too impatient to watch the video: Nick Cannon takes the position that white people are inferior to black people because of their lack of melanin, the compound which gives one's skin tone its color.

This is some Black Hebrew Israelite stuff, which is to say it's insane, implausible, unfounded, made up gibberish.

One of my favorite parts is where he offers proof of white inferiority by highlighting that a mixed race couple won't have a purely white baby, and that shows the genetic inferiority of white people.

Can you imagine the media storm if someone said something along the lines of "mixed race couples can't have purely white kids because the black parent is clouding up the damn gene pool"?

That person wouldn't just get cancelled, people would be cancelled by association.

ViacomCBS chose to part ways after pushback from everyone who can think rationally.

Cannon's rhetoric was denounced as being "anti-Semitic" which means he'll land of his feet as NYC Mayor's minister of culture at the Met.

Cannon's views highlight a problem with the BLM movement. When you explicitly say that a group of people's lives matter more, you imply other people's lives somehow matter less.

As someone who has been told his life matters less, I have questions.

How exactly am I inferior? Do I simply carry some recessive cosmetic traits, or am I somehow a lesser being, an otherling if you will?

And what will I be doing with this inferiority? Should I not be allowed to mate, or perhaps only be allowed to do so after you have assembled your harem?

And if, Nicky, you were to be with a white woman, what then? Are we to assume you partake in bestiality? Or are white people not *that* inferior?

Prying minds want to know!

Until then: Stop hating white people just because Mariah cucked you with Marshall.


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