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NFL to play “Black National Anthem” Before All Week 1 Games

Above is a map of America.

ESPN broke the news that, before week one games this year, “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” will be played before games, ostensibly because this is the “black national anthem.”

I was unaware that citizens of black skin color had their own separate, but equal, nation within America. I was under the impression that we are all Americans. That this uniting factor was supposed to be the driving force behind our quest for equality was, I thought, the singular thread that could unite everyone.

It seems I was wrong.

Let the NFL play the “Black National Anthem” in the Black Nation, wherever that is. In America, we have one anthem, because we are all Americans regardless of our skin’s color, our god’s name, or our zip code’s average wage.

If we seek to unite, let us not play separate anthems for separate people. Let us not create autonomous zones, or demand that some lives be granted more importance. We do not live in such conditions, and should not pretend to do so, lest our sense of reality be forever warped.

In 1855, then President Franklin Pierce implored the nation: The storm of frenzy and faction must inevitably dash itself in vain against the unshaken rock of the Constitution.

If our own modern storm of frenzy and faction which has played out in our streets these past months has succeeded in convincing others that we must have separate but equal nations within nations, then it is we who will be dashed in vain upon the rocks, and the Constitution, and our way of life, will forever surrender itself to the empty sea of Leftism.


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