NFL to Paint End Zones with Social Justice Messages

According to a report from the Washington Post, the NFL plans to paint messages promoting social justice on both end zones during week one of the season.

WaPo provides that:

NFL end zones will bear the words “End Racism” and “It Takes All of Us” in small letters just above team names in the season’s kickoff games and home openers. . .
Player uniforms and helmets are typically off-limits for adornment in the NFL, which has rules for appearance from head to toe on game day. But each player will have the option of honoring a victim of this choosing with his or her initials or name.

This news comes weeks after it was revealed that the NFL planned to have the "Black National Anthem" performed during all week one games

At this point, between the social justice catechism that the MLB displayed on opening day, the WNBA (lol) having players walk off the court during the anthem and this latest development from the NFL . . . it sure feels like professional sports are equal parts performative social wokeness and actual competition. I would NOT be surprised if you see NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey around NFL stadiums and pleading for forgiveness to anyone who will listen.

We get it, you support black lives, so does everyone. This isn't helping anyone, it's only insulting to everyone that already agrees with you (i.e., everyone) and patronizing ( I would think) to the black community. Also, I promise you that the grifters who have made racial polarization a billion dollar industy will NOT be satisfied by this move - they will decry that BLACK LIVES MATTER is not specifically mentioned (despite the group, NOT THE IDEAL, being aligned with marxism) or the WORDS ARE TOO SMALL!!!! This will please NOBODY.

I miss sports, but I've kind of gotten used to life without them. If this is the way that professional sports leagues are going to reintroduce them into my life (by shoving messaging down my throat), then maybe I can get live without them, permanently.


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