New York City: Still America's Asshole

On May 7th, 2020, the New York Times published an article about how although De Blasio might be a giant bodied terrifying freak of nature, he was unable to protect New Yorkers from initially being infected by the Chinese Virus. Because of this, the virus has now spread across the United States, tragically killing tens of thousands of people.

Some argue that no one could have protected New Yorkers from the infection, but what you can't argue is the incredibly dumb response from Bill De Blasio since the beginning. Here's an example from the New York Post:

His giant hands practically had no control over those two tiny sticks as he attempted to calm New Yorkers and their fears about Coronavirus.

Not only did he drop that giant hunk of dim sum, but he also dropped the ball. Within a month, the virus what we shouldn't have feared would start shutting down schools and businesses and happiness for what I'm pretty sure will be forever.

Thank goodness Trump imposed a travel ban on January 31st to stop the spread of the virus. That's two weeks before you see De Blasio up there trying to murder that Chinese Food like he tried to murder that poor groundhog. Smug and Nukem get in deep:

Of course, as pointed out by Jewish Deplorable, De Blasio had a little help with all this fumbling :

But just so you don't really notice what's going on, let's drop in this sideshow freak moment, summed up here by Lenin Sidious, and maybe people won't question anything:

While the light flashing off those rings did work as a temporary memory eraser, Smug reminds us to Never Forget that it wasn't those non coding simple southerners, that are so spread out they are naturally socially distanced, that caused this Chinese Virus to spread across this land.

It was the elitist lib travelers from New York who like to sneeze on everything and touch their face after having their hands G-d knows where.

And while all this is true, you know what we should really never forget?

Thanks for the reminder, Nero.