Never Trump Muppets™ Continue to Muppet

There appears to be an identity crisis among some Never Trump Muppets™.

In Trump’s absence and the Biden administration’s faceplant on crisis after crisis, the Never Trump Muppets™ are staring down a long (and possibly permanent, inshallah) period of decreasing relevance after reaching their peak in the mid 2000’s. Their expectation that all Presidents are to behave like Martin Sheen on The West Wing has backfired on them in historic fashion. In just over 100 days of this new, kinder, gentler, more “equitable” administration, there are the beginnings of a gasoline shortage, a massive rocket barrage against Israel, an utterly horrendous jobs report, the full political weaponization of the country’s federal law enforcement and spying apparatus focused squarely on the enemies of the democrats, a new and embarrassingly celebratory “woke” CIA. Biden’s handling of the ongoing Wuhan Flu response? A disaster, even though his sciency-based “trust the science plan” (though nobody could ever explain how it differed from what was already being done) was one of the main selling points to electing him.

I never expected these people to admit error and pivot to making Biden their exclusive target, but I also didn’t expect them to be so lost and empty without Trump. Every new crisis this country faces must be processed through a filter that blames the former President in some way for the current condition(s). The same way Justice Breyer invents a complex balancing test that always results in his opinion being that the government can do anything it chooses, the conservatism conservationists follow suit using their own Charlie Kelly-Pepe Silvia charts and tests to place you-know-who at the center of the given controversy.


This dynamic reminds me of an ESPN documentary from a few years back on famous WWE/WCW wrestler Scott Hall of Razor Ramon and NWO fame. When discussing his drug and alcohol use, Hall explained that it was the only substitute he had for the rush of performing live in front of tens of thousands of fans. “What do you do when they stop chanting your name?” he asked with tears in his eyes, before revealing how he replaced adoration with self-medication.

The Never Trump Muppets™ face a similar problem in that GOP voters have decided that they were terribly served by Bush-style “conservatism” and are tired of having representation that openly ignores them. So, in desperation of having their concerns to be addressed and voiced heard, they turned to someone the Never Trump Muppets™ despised and now here we are – Trump retains a healthy level of support from the voters (for now) and the Never Trump Muppets™ have replaced prominence within the GOP with the dopamine hit they get from serving as useful idiots for progressives in media.

These Never Trump Muppets™ seem to believe that a few more Drumpf tweets, a few more newsletters, a few more appearances on the Joy Reid Show will convince these dullards that Trump is bad and we, the people that alienated voters and led the party to Trump, are good.

Let’s take a look at an example of this phenomenon:

So, this Never Trump Muppet™ wants you to believe that Trump is responsible for the Wuhan Flu, the economic destruction that has followed, and the rise in crime rates across many parts of the country? It was at this moment that I suddenly realized that these people may be so addicted to progressive media relevance that they've become detached from reality. Maybe instead of mocking them, we should . . . suggest they enter rehab?

Seek help, Never Trump Muppets™ we, the voters that you revile, are a compassionate bunch and we will support your recovery.