SATIRE: Never Trump Accountability Project

Over the past few days a number of Leftists and Never Trumpers including but not limited to AOC, Jennifer Rubin, Joe Lockhart, Obama staffers, Buttigieg staffers, Robert Reich and Evan McMullin have called for the blacklisting of conservatives. They have even launched an official database called the "Trump Accountability Project" and are bragging about their blacklisting efforts like the good little communists they are. Flappr covered that here.

At first this sounded horrifying but upon further reflection it became a source of inspiration. With Flappr emerging as the ground zero of The Resistance against Joe Biden and his enablers we are pleased to announce the launch of the Never Trump Accountability Project. This idea came to me while watching the way these people swooned over the ridiculous "victory" speech Joe Biden gave on Saturday night. In order for the conservative movement and the Republican Party to find success in the future and save the country from the Radical Left those who have supported and are smitten with Joe Biden shall be added to this very official blacklist to be cast aside from the Right for all of time. Here are the inaugural members:

Jonah Goldberg - Apparently we should be grateful that a Democrat president "humanizes" us? Never ceases to amaze me that *this* is the conservative thought leader who wrote Liberal Fascism. The days of being groveling cowards are over.

Mitt Romney - The junior senator from Utah, and multi-time LOSER, is a feckless coward...always the first to capitulate.

Tim Miller - Former Republican political consultant, who appears to be in the process of transitioning, and avowed leader of Never Trumpism perfectly happy to ignore the blatant selling out of the American people to foreign powers if it just means getting rid of the bad orange man. In the name of conservatism of course (definitely not his own pathetic relevance and paycheck).

Rick Wilson - Penis shaped Lincoln Project grifter with a confederate flag cooler has some thoughts about how wonderful the speech was from Crime Bill Joe.

Stuart Stevens - Another "conservative" political consultant trying to cling to relevance. Dude wrote a book basically saying he ran racist political campaigns (which he always lost, mind you) and that was somehow proof of Republicans across the country who supported Trump being the real racists. Now he thinks "America is back" because Joe Biden stumbled through some prepared remarks.

Jeb Bush - He never forgave Donald Trump for utterly demolishing him in the 2016 primaries and singlehandedly destroying the Bush name/dynasty. It was his turn after all. What he means by "I have prayed for our President *MOST* of my adult life" is that he took the past four years off.

Jennifer Rubin - I have spent too much time on this woman in the past few months and have nothing left to say. It should just be telling to all the kind of shit that makes these people's panties wet.

Max Boot - "Time for America to heal (now that we have gotten our way, after four years of telling all of you are scum)." And except for all the boys we will send to their graves in the Middle East of course. Or all those poor unsuspecting foreigners we will be droning the shit out of.

David French - the most sanctimonious motherfucker in America, who never extended the benefit of the doubt to Donald Trump not even once, is head over heels for Joe Biden. Praying for Joe Biden, instead of the millions upon millions of dead babies, all because Donald Trump fucks porn stars or some such nonsense.

Bill Kristol, Charlie Sykes, Amanda Carpenter, and the rest of The Bulwark - Conservatives all over the country are not happy today. Tens of millions of them. But these "TrueCons" sure are giddy for Dementia Joe. Because it was always about THEM, not you.

Every last one of these people hates YOU. They always have and they always will. They should NEVER be let back in. They are self important, self involved, and self interested. It is that simple. They think they have won something here but their road to irrelevancy is only just beginning. The super cereal Never Trump Accountability Project will ensure everyone of these people who is helping to enable the destruction of the US Constitution is held responsible for what they have done! Welcome to The Resistance everybody...the best is yet to come.