• Nero

Nero Looks Into the Future: Part 1

There is a lot of anxiety out there over what the future holds so with this in mind I decided to use my education in the art of Mystical Science to harness my Dark Psychic Force and look into the future to put you all at ease. Below is a summary of what I found when I looked into the future.

Earth 1: The most likely outcome

In this future the legal challenges by President Trump prove to be successful on their face and a significant amount of election irregularities are discovered. This is not enough to change the outcome of the election but it does cause public support to grow for national voter ID to the point it cannot be ignored by Democrats any longer. With extra attention paid to the Georgia runoffs by poll watchers the election goes off free of controversy and the GOP secures both seats.

Joe Manchin, already put off by the progressive response to his declaration that he will not vote to pack the supreme court nor eliminate the legislative filibuster agrees to switch parties after Cocaine Mitch promises him the chairmanship of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. This leaves the Senate 53-47 exactly as it was in 2020.

The House of Representatives has a slim Dem majority of 221-214 which prevents them from passing any progressive legislation especially since the moderates refuse to pass anything that will hurt them in 2022 that they know will be DOA in the Senate. This causes a major fault in the Democratic Caucus with the Squad and other progressives threatening to leave the party.

The living embodiment of the soccer mom with the best after practice snacks becomes Progressive Enemy Number 1 because they hate women

Before departing the White House President Trump, in his last move as Troll in Chief, orders the declassification of thousands of documents pertaining to the Department of Justice. He also pardons Snowden and Assange while ordering a complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. This forces the Biden administration to either go along with these moves or have Biden's first act as president rescinding the order to bring the troops home and reclassifying DOJ documents. Biden does the latter thus fueling the conspiracy theories and growing the ranks of Q Anon in the process.

Domestically not much in the way of legislation gets passed for the next two years. There is no Covid-19 bailout for state and local governments causing even greater budget crises in NY, Illinois, and California plus others. The battle over how to handle the budget situation in NY leads to further strife between the Democrat establishment and the Progressive Caucus going into redistricting. This causes the Democrats in the state government to combine the 8th and 14th congressional districts as a way of getting rid of AOC. Instead of challenging Jeffries in the primary she decides to run against Shumer as a member of the newly minted Progressive Party.

The 2022 iteration of the Progressive Party pays back the nation for the disaster created by the 1912 iteration

The state of the economy in NY combined with the split of the left vote leads to Shumer being defeated by a moderate Republican (seriously Trump currently has 43 percent of the vote in NY if the progressives and dems split NY is poach-able). The 2022 midterms end with the GOP picking up a net three in the Senate flipping back AZ without Trump on the ticket and flipping NV along with the cluster fuck pickup in NY. The GOP also picks up about 15 seats in the House giving them a pretty solid majority. Liz Cheney becomes Speaker and Kevin McCarthy remains as the Majority Leader.

Breyer retires at the end of 2022 and Cocaine Mitch agreeing that they cannot hold the seat open for two years agrees to give Biden’s nominee a vote provided it is Merrick Garland in the ultimate troll. Garland replaces Breyer and we all get a good laugh over it.

Domestically the next two years are very uneventful from a policy perspective. However citing health concerns Joe Biden announces that not only will he not seek reelection, as was already assumed, he will step down allowing Kamala to run as an incumbent in 2024. The nation operates without a VP for next two years because none of the nominees for VP Kamala comes up with even comes close to being able to get past the House let alone the Senate leaving Liz Cheney as next in line for the White House.

NYC IRL 2023

The chaos in the cities is getting worse however. On top of everything that has already been in place leading to the problems the worsening economic situation in the cities made the situation even worse. Congress actually passes legislation that would relieve some of the issues in the cities but unlike Biden President Harris is unwilling to compromise with the legislature because it doesn’t provide for pet progressive policies she wants implemented. This causes Cuomo to announce he is challenging Harris for the nomination in 24.

Globally a return to diplomatic norms while pleasing the EU has caused more conflict in the Middle East. Emboldened by Biden winning Iran gets back into full blown agitation mode over there. By the 2022 mid terms we have expanded our military presence in the Middle East for this very reason. This leaves President Harris running for election while having achieved none of the progressive domestic agenda and having the nation increasingly involved in military conflicts overseas.

In the 2024 primary campaign President Harris faces a challenge from the right by Andrew Cuomo and from the left by Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard is only in the race to try and destroy Harris. The DNC does it’s best to keep Tulsi out of the debates but they fail. Cuomo wins both Iowa and New Hampshire with ease and the establishment quickly falls behind him. Harris goes down as the first woman President but is primaried out thus serves only two years.

On the GOP side Ron Desantis with the support of MAGA and enough of the RNC establishment secures the nomination over Tim Scott and Kristi Noem. It is the most congenial of primaries in decades. Desantis selects Noem as the VP nominee and skates on to victory over a deeply fractured Democratic Party on a platform of de-escalating the conflict in the middle east by returning to a more Trumpian foreign policy.

The Godfather flanked by Desantis and Noem

By 2024 a more palatable version of MAGA has become the mainstream political ideology in the country. Without the bombast of President Trump as the visage of the movement it becomes more difficult to paint it as the devil outside of the most liberal places in America. Having women and people of color on the front lines for the GOP hurts “the resistance” bigly. Without the spectre of racism and sexism the Trump version of conservatism, which is more populist, grows leaves a fractured Democratic party in the weeds. They will be back but not in their current form that is for sure.

I’ll be back soon with some of the other futures I have seen.