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Nate Silver takes the Red Pill

Statistician and well known prognosticator Nate Silver has seemingly had it with propaganda that poses as actual news reporting in the 21st Century. Clearly he is frustrated by the half, at best, truths regarding Covid-19 testing being bandied about by the "Guardians of Freedom".

While stopping short of calling the press "The Enemy of the People" Mr. Silver is clearly getting frustrated with the media's desire to spin a narrative rather than tell the whole truth. Mr. Silver is of course facing push back from those who support half truth narratives over facts.

Which leads one to believe that Mr. Silver will become even more adamant in his argument. Mr. Silver also went on to point out that President Trump is fully aware of what the media is doing and is, of course, using it to his advantage.

Not all replies were negative in fact there were many showing support for the founder of 538. In direct response to Zbinney, @Philllosoraptor commented:

@michusejac5 added

While the @KyCocaineBear retweeted:

Interesting how it is the left, the supposed fans of science and math, that is attacking the statistician over facts while the right, supposedly anti-science and pro propaganda, is fully in support of Mr. Silver.


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