My Stupid Book

I was offered an opportunity to discuss my stupid book, and how buying my book has become a defiant act of owning the libs. And I will do so....NOW.

Having recently learned how to read, I decided the obvious next step was to publish a book. But first, I had to write a book. And then I did. It's called Mediocre Saviors, the first book in what will be a five book series. You can buy it here.

It's a fantasy book that takes place 400 years after mankind is enslaved, all except for a small kingdom that is somehow protected by an ancient tower. The story follows the drunken outlaw and the gimp, the slave and cantankerous old bastard, the hooded assassin and the prince's ghost, and the witch and the red-eyed madman.

So how does owning the libs fit into all of this? Well, you can read whole ordeal here, if you'd like.

Summary: I had a deal with a small publisher, they found out I'm not a gross lib, so I ended up self-publishing. So buying my book has become a heroic act. I'm not going to say that *not* buying my book makes you a coward or anything, but other people might say that.

Also, fyi, my book is currently ahead of Jim Acosta's Enemy of the People and Brian Stelter's Top of the Morning on the Amazon rankings. Libs: owned.

So, in conclusion: Keep the faith, hold the line, own the libs, buy my book.