MSNBC Sets Extremely Low Ratings Bar; Steps Over It, Claims Victory

Because I revel in the bad fortune of corporate media and I just can’t resist beating a dead horse y’all are being graced with yet another Flappr article on how badly it’s going for them. In case you missed my last article, I pretty much savaged CNN by pointing out how few viewers they have and how 85% of those are just old boomers that don’t realize that there are new ways to consume news. They only had one show that broke one million viewers which is really, really pathetic.

Brian Stelter’s show ratings actually increased when he was away on vacation and the show was being guest hosted by some guy named John Avlon. They promptly flat lined when he returned. I mean – how hilarious is that? The guy is clown shoes.

Knowing how poorly CNN is doing you’d be forgiven for thinking that it somehow would be a power brag to point out that you’re outperforming them but that is exactly what MSNBC has decided to do. In a stunning display of bravery, MSNBC decided to dunk hard on the fat kid that gets picked last by crowing about their absolute dominance over CNN in the ratings department. You can’t make this stuff up!

Check out this press release -

“NEW YORK (June 2, 2021) – MSNBC dominated CNN across every weekday hour in May, finishing as the #2 ranked network across all of cable television, according to Nielsen. In May, MSNBC excelled with the network’s solid and on-the-spot breaking news coverage of May’s key news stories, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, America’s reopening, policy negotiations on Capitol Hill, and more.”




Maybe it’s just me – but it seems that crowing about the fact that you’re number two isn’t all that much to crow about.

TFW someone celebrates being #2

This is America. We don’t care about losers. We care about winners.

The winner here is Fox News.

Fox consistently dominate both MSNBC and CNN. Fox News had 1,959,000 total prime time viewers. That’s 30% more than MSNBC’s 1,351,000 and 60% more than CNN’s 763,000. Fox News is the only channel that breaks more than a million viewers for daytime programming. Fox has six out of the top ten cable news shows. MSNBC has four and only Rachel Maddow cracks the top five.

MSNBC isn’t Chad Fox News but they’re sure happy to point out that they aren’t Virgin CNN!


By the way, while MSNBC is super pumped about their numbers - only 199,000 of those were in the key demo of adults aged 25 – 54 years old. That’s a 12% drop from the previous month.

The total number of prime time viewers also dropped 6% from the previous month. The trajectory is a downward one.

But hey – at least they aren’t CNN, amirite?