Monument Madness Continues - Ulysses Grant now racist, mass murdering communists still okay

It has been less than 24 hours since I wrote for Flappr that Trump was right yet again when he predicted that the Radical Left social justice mob would eventually come for George Washington and Thomas Jefferson due to their history of slave holding. In that short time, the madness not only continued but accelerated into whole new realms of I just had to follow up here.

Most notably, a monument to the Commander of the Union Army and 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant was toppled and destroyed on Friday night in San Francisco. Grant's military assault during the Civil War brought the Confederacy to its knees enabling both re-unification of the country and the abolition of slavery in the United States. Grant himself also abhorred slavery and freed the only slave he ever owned (given to him as a gift). Just like Washington and Jefferson, US Grant was another of America's great men. Its almost like its not really about the Confederacy at all.

Antifa in San Francisco then turned to their sights to Francis Scott Key, author of the poem that eventually became our National Anthem - the Star Spangled Banner. Never let these people get away with feeding you the nonsense line that "its not about the anthem, its not about the flag." It is and always was, any claim to the contrary is bullshit.

The insanity does not stop with statues and monuments however. We have officially crossed into the book burning phase of the tyranny. Who is on the chopping block? Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) and Mark Twain (Huck Finn). These two and their books are being banned by school districts in Minnesota due to their use of the n-word in their literature. You'd be a fool to think this won't follow elsewhere.

Mark Twain was an adamant abolitionist and supporter of civil rights for all people. He even paid for multiple black men to attend college. Sounds like a fucking monster right? Interestingly enough, Twain was also a close friend of Ulysses Grant and published the 18th president's memoirs. Suppose it makes sense they would get cancelled together. Hard to deny that there is also some hilarious irony in the fact that godless lib social justice warriors have firmly emerged as the new puritans.

There is more to this story though. Its not just about which American figures and pieces of history the Left demands be cancelled and destroyed. Its also about who is being defended by these radicals in the midst of all this craziness. The ever moronic Charlotte Clymer (a Hillary operative and endless pit of horrendous hot takes) decided that, instead of defending anti-Confederate and abolitionist Grant as the good man that he was, it would be a good idea to drop this hot take about Soviet revolutionary and communist dictator Vladimir Lenin.

Lenin, one of the worst people of the 20th century (if not all of human history), has a statue that stands in Seattle, Washington. Its anyone's guess as to why. Clymer's benchmark for why Lenin is actually okay is that he wasn't a slave owner. This might be a good point if the Soviet Union wasn't a literal slave state, with gulags, and millions of dead bodies piled sky high thanks to the communist revolution and groundwork laid by Lenin. And just in case you thought this kind of thinking was isolated to one lefty dope...

Holy shit, talk about a galaxy brain take. Just so we are clear...Washington state's namesake George Washington the father of our country = problematic but communist dictator whose ideology killed MILLIONS = very cool. Well done as always, commies.

This entire saga is summed up perfectly in a single concise line by Senator Ted Cruz - This is what happens when all you have is ignorance and hate. There is certainly a lot of ignorance at play here. These people simply know nothing. About anything. I mean, they think buffoons like Bernie Sanders and AOC should be handed absolute control of every aspect of American life because have such brilliant ideas - could you imagine? But that ignorance may only be eclipsed by hatred. Their hatred of all things American from the Founding to this very day. The ideals that make the United States especially unique and unlike anything ever seen in the history of the world. They fucking hate it - the flag, the anthem, the constitution, freedom itself...all of it.

So while President Trump (or perhaps more accurately, Prophet Trump) correctly predicted that Washington and Jefferson were next on the Left's chopping block, not even he could foresee that these lunatics would begin going after American heroes who LITERALLY FOUGHT THE CONFEDERACY TO END THE INSTITUTION OF SLAVERY IN THE US. But maybe he should have seen this coming, because as I mentioned in my previous piece, it is a mistake to think this is at all actually about the Confederacy, or slavery, or racism, or whatever else these lying no good radical Leftists try to package it around. It is about "cancelling" America herself. And it always was. So while it may seem like an upward battle right now its up each one of us god-fearing patriots to continue doing three important things - keep the faith, hold the line, and own the libs. Because as you may have heard...the best is yet to come.